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Classic Victorian Sandwich Cake with PANDANUS Twist

Victoria sponge cake or Victoria sandwich cake, call it whatever you like, is a classic choice for the Coronation Party. Why not complement it with a warm cup of Blue Goddess?

It is a teatime favourite for Queen Victoria as tweeted by Ameer Kotecha. And as you all may know well by now, at My Blue Tea we love giving classics a twist! Why not add a dash of fragrant pandan to it?

Interestingly enough, nobody in the UK spoke about pandan until Nigella Lawson found out about this powerful secret Asian ingredient in 2017. Since then it has been her favourite and she predicts pandan to be The New Black!! You can get Pandan in powder form and as a liquid extract here.

We are all wild about the Coronation, especially thinking of the gorgeous recipes we can share to celebrate this! You can´t blame us for our excitement, as it´s the first after 70 years! It´s not every day that we get to experience and witness a Coronation!

This beautiful Victorian sponge cake with a Pandan twist is also a great idea for Mother´s Day, and Pandan lovers would want this for their wedding cake too!

We promise this will be our last Coronation recipe...but hey, if one of our chefs has another beautiful recipe to share, you know we´ll be here to gush about it!

Recipe for Victorian sponge cake with pandan


*3 eggs ( 60 gm each with shell, room temperature)

*75 gm plain flour

*45 gm castor sugar

*1 tsp baking powder

*Pinch of salt

*40 ml Coconut milk (Use Spargo Coconut Milk powder 15gm mixed with 35ml water and only use 40 ml)

Serving Victorian sponge cake
Victorian sponge cake


(Pre heat 150 degrees, fan force)

*Beat eggs and sugar till pale i.e. ribbon stage ( approximate 2 min)

*Mix plain flour, pandan powder, salt and baking powder together and sieve into the egg batter. Use a spatula to fold gently till no flour can be seen.

*Scoop 2 tbsps of batter and mix with coconut milk.

*Pour the coconut milk into the whole batter and mix well.

*Pour into a 6 inch cake tin ( remember to line with parchment paper at the bottom and side).

*Tap the cake tin and put into the lower rack and bake for 35 min or till done.

*Remove from oven. Take out the cake and let it cool on the cooling rack. Cover with cling wrap to prevent the cake from drying out.

*Slice into half when cake has completely cooled.

*Sandwich with coconut frosting cream and decorate with toasted desiccated coconut with Pandan powder.


You may also use Pandan Kaya (coconut spread) in between this cake.

Slide through the photos for some of the best creations by Chef Catherine and get the recipes online. You will find (1) Blue Butterfly Cupcakes (2) Pandan Cupcakes (3) Black Pink Roll Cake (4) Butterfly Pea Christmas Yule log cake (5) Roselle Cheesecake with raspberries or Dragonfruit Cheesecake with strawberries

Ingredients for the Coconut frosting cream:

*300 ml thickened cream

*30 ml Icing sugar

*1 tspn Gula Melaka/Palm Sugar (Optional)


Use hand mixer to beat till the mixture is stiff.

Sponge cake | Cake | Queen Victoria | Coronation
Classic Victoria sponge cake by Nigella Lawson

Ingredients for the filling:

*100g butter, softened

*140g icing sugar, sifted

*a drop vanilla extract (optional)

*half a 340g jar of good-quality strawberry jam

To make the filling, beat the 100g softened butter until smooth and creamy, then gradually beat in 140g sifted icing sugar and add a drop of vanilla extract (if you’re using it).

This recipe is one of Cat´s bakery creations with and for My Blue Tea. It´s perfect for the King Charles III´s Coronation and for our Mom for her special day!

As tweeted by Elon Musk - "Being a Mom is a real job that deserves major respect". Thank you

Do follow Chef Catherine Teo via Instagram @catherineteo70.

Read all about Chef Catherine on our website From Nurse to Pastry Chef.

We are so blessed to have Chef Catherine on board!

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