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Homemade Pandan Kueh Serimuka Recipe

From Melaka with Love - Coconut Shake (ice blended smoothie)

What is Serimuka in Malaysia?

Serimuka is a popular kueh (cake) variety that is simply irresistible. Smooth, rich, creamy. Mmm... one is never enough.

This kueh is easily recognisable. It consists of two separate layers. The bottom one is made with glutinous rice cooked in creamy coconut milk, while the top layer is a green coconut milk custard that is flavoured and coloured with fragrant Pandanus available in our store in Pandan Powder or Pandan Liquid extract. It rather reminds one of a pretty little mahjong tile!

The dessert is often associated with the Peranakan Chinese and has been listed as one of Malaysia's heritage foods. Serimuka is traditionally served on special occasions, and similar varieties are also found in Indonesia, where they are known as putri salat.

You can watch or read about the Peranakan culture from our blog "Down Memory Lane with The Little Nyonya". Here's a recipe for the Kueh Lovers and our Aussie fans who have tried them during the Cake Bake & Sweets Show in both Sydney and Melbourne. This is a lovely homemade recipe just for you!

Kueh Seri Muka Recipe


Bottom layer *400 g glutinous rice (wash and soak overnight) *100ml Butterfly Pea Blue water (1/2 tsp blue pea powder + 100ml) *150 ml thick coconut milk with 100 ml water (Optional 2 packs - Coconut Milk Powder into 250 ml water ) *1 tsp salt *Optional, 2 pandan leaves or (I/1 tspn Pandan Powder)

Top layer *2 large eggs 95 g *100 g monkfruit sugar (can be replaced with 100g sugar) *50 g sugar *1/4 tsp salt *200 ml thick coconut milk with 200 ml water - (Optional - using 3 packs Coconut Milk Powder diluted in 400ml water) *100ml Pandan water (1 1/2 tsp Pandan powder + 100ml) *90 g all purpose flour *45 g tapioca/corn flour *Optional, 1/2 tsp Pandan Liquid extract (for colour)

Step by step guide to making Pandan Kueh Serimuka at home

Method to prepare bottom layer (1) Drain out the water from the soaked glutinous rice. (2) Lightly spray a 24 cm round pan with oil. (3) Transfer drained glutinous rice into pan. (4) Add salt to santan and mix well. (5) Pour the santan all over the glutinous rice. (6) Optional, arrange some pandan leaves on top of the glutinous rice. (7) Steam the glutinous rice for 20 mins over medium high heat. (8) Optional, remove pandan leaves if used. (9) Fluff up the rice and pour blue pea flowers water randomly (in patches) over the glutinous rice. (10) Continue to steam for another 10 mins. (11) Remove pan from steamer and press the rice flat until it is well compressed. (12) Set it aside.

Method to prepare top layer (1) Add salt to santan. (2) Add sugar to eggs and mix well. (3) Add in santan to sugar eggs mixture and mix well. (4) Add 100 ml pandan water to santan mixture and mix well. (5) Optional, add pandan essence if used. (6) Sieve in both flours into mixture and mix well. (7) Sieve the mixture to another pot. (8) Constantly stir the mixture over low heat until it thickens slightly. (9) It's ready when the mixture sticks to back of spoon.

Final Steps (1) Pour the thickened pandan mixture over the glutinous rice. (2) Wrap the steamer lid with cloth and leave the lid slightly ajar (to prevent the water from dripping on the surface). (3) Steam over medium heat for 30 to 45 mins or until skewer inserted into center of top layer comes out clean. (4) Remove it from steamer and let it cool for at least 4-5 hrs before cutting (cover a cloth over the pan to prevent surface for drying out). Slice to desired sizes and enjoy!

Coconut Shake Recipe

Why not complement your beautiful homemade Pandan Kueh Serimuka with this delicious Coconut Shake?

Sam hails from Melaka and she's in love with Coconut Shake! In her own words, "This is an easy peasy delicious Coconut Shake from Melaka you can make anytime anywhere!" All you need is a blender + ice cubes + Coconut Shake powder + water! See this on Sam's instagram. Do follow Sam for more yummy recipes.

Kueh Mueh | My Blue Tea

More Kuehs Galore!

We just can't get enough of kuehs! Some Kueh Mueh (Asian steamed cakes) will be available during our Mini Ramadan Bazaar in Sydney on 1st & 2nd April, 2023 at Nasi Lemak Homebush from 5.00pm to 11.00pm (or sold out).

Some of the the Kueh Mueh will be catered by Dapur Senah by Hasnah and she is planning to make the following available. Follow the Event Page for updates.

*Kueh Pandan Serimuka

*Kueh Talam Durian

*Kueh Koci

*Kueh Tepung Bungkus

*Kueh Bingka Ubi


Get our Pandan Kueh Talam recipe if you can't join us at the above event!



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