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Jackfruit in a Sweet Ball of Joy

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Cempedak Ondeh Ondeh by Penang Girl

Karen Tan-Chatwin is our Penang Girl in Melbourne and she has a gorgeous recipe to share with My Blue Tea. She has been experimenting with several of our Superfood Powders and the result is simply delicious!

We have a terrible sweet tooth and one of our favourite traditional Southeast Asian sweets is the classic ondeh-ondeh (Malaysia) or klepon (Indonesia). It is a beautiful little emerald green rice ball coated in finely-grated coconut. When you bite into its soft, glutinous outside, a sweet liquid palm sugar oozes out and the mix of all the flavours of the three layers melt together to give an exciting taste that makes you keep reaching for another and another and another. Ondeh-ondeh originated from Indonesia and Southeast Asia and is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Karen shares with us her version of ondeh-ondeh with an exciting flavour to boot - jackfruit! We love it when cooks get adventurous and play with flavours! So get your kitchen ready, tell your friends and family they are in for a treat, and get ready for a sweet experience with Karen!


* 1 1/2 Cup Glutinous Rice Powder

* 2 tbsp Rice Flour

* 1/2 Cup Water

* 1tbsp (about 30-40 grams) Jackfruit Powder

* Gula Melaka as filling

* 1/2 grated fresh coconut or Shredded Coconut


1. Add glutinous rice flour and 2 tbsp rice flour into a bowl. Add in the Jackfruit powder. Add water and mix and knead the mixture into a dough. Leave the dough aside.

2. Cut the palm sugar into small pieces.

3. Leave about ½ grated coconut flesh onto a plate and add salt to taste.

4. Grab a small piece of dough and wrap it around a piece of palm sugar. Round it out to a bite-sized ball.

5. Boil a pot filled ¾ with water. Drop the small dough balls into the pot and let them boil.

6. Once the dough balls float to the surface, use a strainer to strain them from the water. Immediately roll the now-cooked balls of ´kueh´ /ondeh ondeh into the coconut shavings.

7. Serve & enjoy.

Note: Traditionally, ondeh-ondeh is made using Pandan. You can use 1 tablespoon of Pandan Powder in place of Jackfruit powder.

These ondeh-ondeh balls are pretty to look at and lovely to eat, but be warned. There is a way to eat these little darlings. You have to pop the entire ondeh-ondeh ball into your mouth. We do not recommend dainty eating where you bite into these balls as the palm sugar filling in the rice ball will ooze out all over the place! The end result is not very dainty! It makes for a delicious mess but unless you want to lick it off your clothes or the table, it is best to go for the all or nothing approach - just pop the whole ondeh-ondeh in your mouth and enjoy!

My Blue Tea Jackfruit Cempedak Powder

Karen used My Blue Tea´s Jackfruit Powder for her ondeh-ondeh recipe. Our Jackfruit Powder is made using CEMPEDAK and it is available in 1 kg packs. Do you know about the different varieties of this unusual exotic fruit?

Differences between Jackfruit Nangka and Jackfruit Cempedak

CEMPEDAK. Or Artocarpus Integer.

The cempedak season from Darwin, NT was grown by Malaysian migrant farmers who have been growing this Malaysian origin variety since the 1990s. This species often gets mistaken for Artocarpus heterophyllus. This is because the jackfruit has varieties that have soft creamy arils. And if that is not confusing enough, there is also a natural cross-breed called CempeJACK.

Do you know how to tell the difference between cempedak and jackfruit? And the difference between the natural cross-breed cempeJACK (aka nangkadak) from the cempeDAK?

The Cempedak is generally smaller compared to the jackfruit. It is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and some parts of Thailand. It is a long cylindrical shaped fruit ranging 10-15cm in width, 20-35cm in length. Depending on how it has been pollinated, it can sometimes be slightly rounded or bulging in parts. The easiest way to identify the cempedak is that its stem (or peduncle) is much thinner than the jackfruit and cempejack. The jackfruit has a much thicker peduncle compared to the others. Also, the cempedak fruit does not usually get much larger than 6kg. Another distinguishing characteristic is its pungent smell. You may have heard some people describe it as being stinkier than even the durian when ripe. The cempedak has a very distinct floral sulfuric odour.

Now, after all that hard work of distinguishing between varieties of fruit, it is time to enjoy a beautiful Jackfruit Cempedak Latte! Whether you are a jackfruit expert or not, you can always make your own refreshing, creamy, jackfruit cempedak latte right in your own home.

And that is not all! Scroll through all the beautiful foods you can make with Jackfruit (Cempedak) Latte Powder:

* Jackfruit Latte

* Jackfruit Cake

* Jackfruit Ice Cream

* Jackfruit 3-D Jelly by Jelly-R-Us

* Jackfruit Smoothie

About Karen Tan-Chatwin, Penang Girl in Melbourne

Karen has migrated to Australia but her love for Malaysian, Singaporean or other cuisines that she grew up with continues to be deeply rooted in her and her family. The food that she grew up eating runs deep in her veins and she continues to enjoy cooking for her family and friends with all the ingredients she is able to get her hands on in Australia. She loves My Blue Tea´s Superfood Powders as they are the closest she can get fresh and it continues to stay fresh in the pantry. Karen is from the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia, and it is famous for being particular with ingredients and food. Karen will be sharing more of her beautiful recipes soon, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, whet your appetite with some of Karen´s famous dishes!

Below are some photos of Karen's famous Blue Rice Nasi Lemak which we served during one of our events at Neil Perry's Kitchen in Prahran Market, Melbourne. Everyone loved it and wanted more!

Karen's speciality dish - Prawn Sambal with Stinky beans with Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder

Karen's all time favourite - Pandan Chicken - head on to MY BLUE TEA's FB Page for recipe -

After frying these Pandan Chicken, you can re-use the Pandan Oil in your "Pandan Yakitori" - recipe published in April 2021 - courtesy of Shirley, in the USA.


Brewing your very own Blue Tea

Whether it is a plate of ondeh-ondeh on a quiet afternoon or after tucking into Karen´s delicious Blue Rice Nasi Lemak, a cup of blue tea is the perfect way to end the meal.

We love sharing the benefits of our Butterfly Pea Blue Tea. It comes from the famous clitoria ternatea plant. The tea itself is a combination. The blue butterfly tea is gaining momentum as a health and a beauty drink. It is said that a cup of blue butterfly tea is powerful enough to mesmerize the body, mind, and soul. That is why more and more people are making sure they always have some butterfly pea blue tea in their pantry.

Here's a chance for you to delight your family and friends with some of our beautiful Blue Tea Australia offers.

Do you know what Nootropics is? It is something amazing in our Blue Tea. Read on to find out!

Nootropics in Tea & Botanicals

NOOTROPICS is the current buzz word!

Here's why our Butterfly Pea Blue Tea is good for you:

It has nootropics which could help with cognitive function.

Nootropics are compounds that enhance cognition or treat cognition deficits and are often referred to as “smart drugs”.

Many studies have shown certain nootropics can enhance cognition in heathy individuals and people with cognitive impairments, like Alzheimer’s disease.

Herbalist and holistic health practitioner, Rachelle Robinett says that butterfly pea flower is a natural nootropic, which means that it can potentially help improve cognitive function. One 2015 review found that butterfly pea flower may offer benefits in boosting learning and memory, although more clinical human trials are needed to make this conclusive.

The above information was published by our Brand Ambassador who is also a scientist, Vanessa Genevieve.

So with all these power-packed benefits, are you ready to have a cup daily? Why not add some Blue Butterfly Powder into your smoothies as well? Get creative with how you use this beautiful healthy powder and share your ideas with us!



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