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Mantou Buns with Rendang Tok

How to enjoy Rendang in many ways?

It's so good to have Fusion Rendang and serve it in many ways and one of them is "Crispy Rendang" i.e. Red Rock Rendang Chips - their Malaysian Chef's series by MasterChef Poh Ling Yeow.

Mantou Buns with Rendang Tok | My Blue Tea Rendang Powder
Mantou Buns with Rendang Tok


*300ml - Water }

*70ml - Cooking oil } Ingredients (A)

*3 nos - Lemongrass (smashed) }

*1Kg - Beef (cut into small pieces) - Optional meat of your choice

*400ml - Water

*250ml - Water

(Mix and set aside)

*50g - Toasted Desiccated Coconut (shredded coconut)

*70ml - Kecap Manis

*5 pcs - Kaffir Lime leaves (finely sliced)

*1-2 pcs - Turmeric leaves (finely sliced)

Garnish - Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Lettuce

Mantou Buns
Preparing Mantou Buns


(1) Mix Ingredients (A) well. Pour ingredients (A) into a wok/pan. Cook until water evaporates and oil rises to the top.

(2) Add beef and water. Cook on medium heat until meat is tender. Add in coconut milk, toasted desiccated coconut and kecap manis.

(3) Turn off the heat and add Kaffir lime leaves & Turmeric leaves. Stir and ready to serve with rice or Mantou buns or on chips for lunch.

Important Note/Tips:

** You will require sufficient water to rehydrate natural dried ingredients.

** Recommendation - You may add more water during cooking to tenderise the meat.

** You may sprinkle our Rendang Powder base on your chips and cook it in the oven for your homemade Rendang chips.

Preparing Mantou Buns :

(1) You can steam or fry the Mantou buns.

(2) Once ready, slice the Mantou buns in half, add some Rendang Tok and greens and serve.

These Rendang fries are great for lunch and for the first time "Crispy Rendang" chips by Red Rock - we will have a Crispy Rendang recipe soon OR you can follow our brand ambassador, Imelia on her Instagram for the recipe.

Congratulations to the Winners of the "Guess My Tea Spice Contest"

We're happy to announce the brilliant minds who cracked the culinary code and guessed the mystery spice correctly. Drumroll, please...

(1) Wooi Cheah

(2) Isabella Cabarini

Rendang is so good!

It is sold out now. Expect new arrivals from December 2023

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