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Rendang the Aussie way

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Adam and Poh's Malaysia in Australia

Great news! Your two favourites are teaming up for a local feast full of Malaysian flavours using great Australian ingredients from across Australia! Due to the fact that one of My Blue Tea founders is from Malaysia, our goal was to try something that reminded us of home and since we're a fan of both Adam Liaw and Poh Ling Yeow, here is a a recipe that gives you a taste of just that - home.

The pair are on a mission to find the freshest Australian produce - from Tasmanian abalone to Western rock lobster - to recreate much-loved Malaysian classics such as juicy beef rendang and crispy roti canai. Along the way, they’ll pick up expert tips from local farmers, Malaysian expats and even a Hollywood superstar, to serve up mouth-watering Malaysian dishes with a unique Aussie twist.

Watch the trailer here:

Rendang is a Minang dish originating from the Minangkabau region in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It has spread across Indonesian cuisine to the cuisines of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines. Rendang is often described as a rich dish of meat — most commonly beef (rendang daging) — that has been slow cooked and braised in a coconut milk seasoned with a herb and spice mixture, until the liquids evaporate and the meat turns dark brown and tender, becoming caramelised and infused with rich flavours. Rendang is officially recognised as one of Indonesia's national dishes.

And why are we doing Rendang and Spice Powder?

Because it makes sense to combine our Superfood Powders and ingredients to create a healthy wholesome food not confined to just desserts but also savoury dishes using good awesome Australian ingredients.

Here's a quick no fuss Rendang Kangaroo recipe with Rendang Powder.

Kangaroo Rendang Recipe - Let's Cook!

Ingredient A

* 300ml Water * 60ml Cooking oil

Ingredient B

*750 grams to 1kg Chicken/beef/mutton/kangaroo (cut into cubes) *25g Dehydrated Coconut Milk (DCM) 125ml Water

Ingredient C

70g Toasted desiccated coconut (kerisik)

Ingredient D (Optional but highly recommended)

* 1 tspn Borneo Pink Torch Ginger

* 1/2 tspn Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder

* 1 turmeric leaf (sliced thinly)

Cooking Method

(1) Mix ingredients (A,B,C, D) in a wok/saucepan.

(2) Cook under medium-high heat until fragrant, oil rises and meat is tender.

(3) Add in Kerisik (fried coconut paste) and continue to cook until gravy thickens and ready to serve.

(4) Enjoy with Pandan Fragrant Rice or Nasi Lemak Rice premix.


* Important to note that you would require sufficient water to rehydrate natural dried ingredients.

* Recommendation: For darker and sweeter flavour of Rendang Tok, add sweet soy sauce (Kicap Manis) to taste.

* May need to add more water during cooking to tenderize meat (depending on the meat of your choice especially beef & kangaroo needs a bit more water & cooking time).

Each pack of our curry spice bases is specially formulated with dehydrated pure, natural herbs and spices without any added fillers.

The original spice bases are very flexible as they can be used to create an almost endless variety of delicious recipes, simply by adding on minimum fresh ingredients. What’s more, the long shelf life and easy, light storage of our products minimize wastage. Our lightweight, high efficacy products are convenient and viable for cost-effective shipping and travel, anywhere!

* No MSG

* No Preservatives

* All Natural

Enjoy with a refreshing glass of Fruity Bamboo Tea! If you wish to add some flavour and variety (which is, after all, the spice of life), you can add Kiwi fruits, lemons, oranges & mint to your Bamboo Tea Infusion 🫖🫖. This ensures maximum health benefits and vitamins on top of the natural silica from Bamboo which is great for hair, nails, good cardiovascular health and skin.


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