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Sambal is LIFE!

Have you tried Sambal Torch Ginger?

NEW RECIPE ALERT!! Sambal Torch Ginger with Anchovies! Every single word here makes one drool! It's a simple, flavoursome recipe, and 1 plate of rice is never enough to go with it! It really is the best thing ever, even though we say so ourselves! The unique and exotic fragrance from the Torch Ginger is simply divine. .

Sambal Torch Ginger with Anchovies Recipe

Ingredients: *1 tablespoon Dried Torch Ginger (Bunga Kantan)-

- (rehydrate in some water and it will expand 3x when redehydrated – cut into smaller pieces if required.)

*1 stalk lemongrass (chopped) *1 tomato (chopped) *1 large onion (chopped) *Lemon juice (or if you have Calamansi juice that's even better) *Chilli *Salt to taste *Anchovies *Fish sauce *Sugar to taste

Sambal Torch Ginger with Anchovies Recipe |  My Blue Tea
Sambal Torch Ginger with Anchovies

Method: (1) Heat oil and fry anchovies till crispy and remove. (2) Add lemongrass, Bunga Kantan, onion, chilli, tomato and stir evenly till slightly cooked. (3) Add fried anchovies and mix them evenly, you would still like some crunchiness in the fried anchovies. Serve with a squeeze of lemon or calamansi and a warm plate of rice.


*Salt and fish sauce can be added to taste, but don't add too much as the dried anchovies are already salty. *Torch Ginger water (after rehydration) can be used in the sambal or drink it as tea or made into mocktails. .

Torch Ginger Dried Slices / Bunga Kantan and Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder

Here are more yummy ideas using our Torch Ginger dried slices by our friends, brand ambassadors, Chefs and passionate cooks on our website, YouTube and Facebook.

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Sambal Torch Ginger with Anchovies (in Malay)

Kerabu Bunga Kantan Ikan Bilis. Simple macam ni tapi makan nasi tak cukup sepinggan!


*Ikan bilis

*Bunga Kantan ( has dried slices Bunga Kantan which can be sent worldwide)



*Bawang besar


*Lemon ( boleh gantikan dengan limau nipis )

*Sos ikan


Cara masak:

1. Panaskan minyak dan goreng ikan bilis sampai garing.

2. Masukkan bunga kantan, serai, tomato, bawang besar, cili, sos ikan, perahan lemon dan garam dalam mangkuk dan gaul rata.

3. Masukkan ikan bilis dalam mangkuk tadi dan gaul rata.

Tips , garam jangan letak banyak sebab ikan bilis dan sos ikan dah masin.

Sumber : Akma Abdullah


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