10 blue herbal teabags in one pack.

  • Tea consist of lemongrass, ginger, pandan and blue flowers


Make your Happy Brew.

My Blue Tea is an infusion of ginger, lemon grass and the infamous Clitoria Ternatea or commonly know in Australia as the Butterfly Blue Pea flower.


Read the benefits of Butterfly Pea flowers.


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10 x Blue Herbal Tea Bags

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  • This Blue Herbal Tea is good for the Autumn and Winter months. Ginger and lemongrass keep you warm. 1 teabag is good for 2 teapots with 500 ml hot water.

    Extremely calming and happy. This Blue Tea with ginger and lemongrass makes a topic for a conversation with a newly made friend.

    Enjoy all the great benefits as well. My Blue Tea is known for beneficial health properties like anthocyanins and anti-oxidants.

    Read how to brew the perfect, happy Blue Tea >

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