Sampler Blue Tea Pack Range available :


  1. Blue Myrtle
  2. Blue Herbal Tea
  3. Blue Roselle Tea
  4. Just Blue Tea
  5. Moringa - The Miracle Blue Tea
  6. Blue Goddess Tea
  7. Goodnight Sweet Dreamzz Blue Tea
  8. Blue Inspiration Tea
  9. Pandan Green Tea


Choose any 3 sample packs for $10.00. Each sample pack can make 4 cups of tea.


About the Blue Myrtle Tea

"Tropical + Native Australian Tea Blend" - an organic and natural super tea blend of rainforest and tropical flowers. This Blue Myrtle Tea has the refreshing flavour of Lemon Myrtle, the extra spice of Aniseed Myrtle and the colour changing properties of the Butterfly Pea flower.


Great as a pick me up or just an enjoyable drink. Our Blue Myrtle Tea has high amounts of antioxidants and anthocyanins with strong anti-inflammatory benefits.


About the Moringa, Miracle Blue Tea

Moringa Oleifera’s health benefits have long been well understood and cherished by the people of Asia and Africa. The Moringa tree’s uses as a health and medicinal plant can be traced back centuries.  


Because the Moringa tree is rich in nutrients, and because the tree’s various parts can all be used, its many benefits vary depending on which part of the plant is being used. The young, immature Moringa oleifera pods are the most valued and widely used of all the tree parts. The pods are extremely nutritious, containing essential amino acids, forming a complete protein source, and many vitamins, minerals, co-enzymes, and antioxidants. READ MORE HERE


About Blue Goddess Tea

Our Blue Goddess Tea 蓝铁观音 is a special blend of Tie Guan Yin, a sweet and floral Chinese oolong tea that has been delicately infused with goji berries and our very own butterfly pea flowers. The aroma reminds you of the wonderful orchids.


About Goodnight Sweet Dreamzz Blue Tea

This super relaxing organic tea is perfect to finish up your hectic day, and can aid in both the ease and quality of sleep. Containing ingredients that are known to improve bedtime sleep, this sleepy tea is the perfect companion for those needing to put their feet up, keep up to date on Facebook and peacefully drift off to dream land.


About Blue Inspiration Tea

Blue Inspiration Tea reinvigorates the spirit and refreshes hope to get you going for that early morning kick start. Its unique blend of butterfly pea flowers, turmeric pieces, ginger roots, cinnamon, cloves, liquorice root, cardamom, coriander, parsley leaves, black pepper, juniper berries, dandelion roots, sage leaves and sarsaparilla roots will surely lift and set you on your way. Blue Inspiration Tea smells and tastes sooo Heavenly.


About Pandan Green Tea

A green tea with a sweet Pandan fragrance. Now you have both the benefits of green tea and Pandanus.

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