Christmas Powderlicious Superfood Gift Pack

Feel good during the festive season with My Blue Tea's Superfood powders! Ideal for infusing vibrant colour naturally, AND beneficial properties in cooking, baking, in drinks, and the manufacture of cosmetics and cleaning products.


What this Christmas Powderlicious Superfood Gift Pack comes with

  • Choose one set: 
    • Blue Butterfly Pea Powder + Red Roselle Powder + Pandan Leaf Powder – 50g each, OR

    • Blue Butterfly Pea Powder, Red Roselle Powder & Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder – 50g each

  • Comes with all the Christmas trimmings and box

Christmas Powderlicious Superfood Gift Pack

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  • 50 grams Organic Butterfly Pea Powder
    (Scientific name is Clitoria Ternatea)

    Used for centuries by South East Asian cooks who knew the value of the butterfly pea flower with its magical properties along with some pretty amazing health benefits. The vibrant blue and subtle flavour is the butterfly pea flower’s signature trademark.

    As a flower, it can be enjoyed simply as an alkaline drink or mix with your favourite tea blend to create a flavoursome and healthy tea. But at MYBLUETEA we also produce it in powder form which is the preference of so many foodies around the world for its convenience. Blue Butterfly Pea Superfood Powder is great for mixing into your favourite yogurts, smoothies, desserts, and baked goods. Add a few drops of lemon or lime and enjoy the mesmerising colour change! Bring on the bold blue colour and add some creative colouring to your next dish!

    USE IN: Traditionally in Rice, now in Desserts, Baked goods, Pasta, Smoothies, Jellies – imagination is your limit.

    COLOUR TRANSFORMATION: Adding acidity such as lemon or lime will give you a lovely colour changing affect. Add an alkaline and watch what happens. Amazing! 

    Read the benefits of Butterfly Pea flowers.


    Red Roselle Powder 50 grams

    The Roselle Hibiscus Tea Superfoods. Roselle also is known scientifically as the Hibiscus Sabdariffa made into Powder for easy use. Roselle Superfood Powder is perfect for mixing into your favourite yogurts, smoothies, desserts, and baked goods.

    Good to eat! Use it for cooking, baking, and making desserts.

    Good to drink! Use it in drinks like gin or beer or to make kombucha.

    Good for trade, those making skincare and cosmetic products, and organic cleaning materials.

    Read the benefits of Roselle


    Kaffir Lime Leaves

    Scientific name: Citrus Hystrix

    Kaffir lime leaves are an essential ingredient in many Malaysian and Thai cuisines but are normally not ingested. The leaves flavour the dish but are discarded rather than eaten. This may be largely due to the fact that they are fibrous and difficult to chew and digest. Now it is available in Powder, very fragrant and you can ingest the leaves. Kaffir lime leaves aside from their culinary goodness have a high content of beneficial organic compounds that exert a positive effect on the human body.

    Good to eat! Use it for cooking, baking and making desserts, and drinks such as kombucha or beer

    Good for trade, those making skincare and cosmetic products, and organic cleaning materials.

    Read about the benefits of Kaffir Lime Leaves.


    Pandan Powder - 50 grams

    Pandan Powder that is specially fragrant using My Blue Tea's special freeze-dried methods, while retaining all its health benefits and natural sweetness. My Blue Tea's freeze-dried Pandan powder is great for cooking and baking.

    Vegans love our Pandan powder too. Great for any food, from chicken to ice-cream and latte, this South East Asian plant adds a unique fragrance and natural sweetness to the dish and of course, Pandan is healthy!

    The fragrance is too yum!

    Learn about the benefits of Pandan.

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