Join us on the Blue Tea Trail

My Blue Tea is kicking off our Tea Festival with an invitation to all our customers to go on a Tea Trail with us!

Join us on the Blue Tea Trail

  • Celebrate an occasion with your cuppa blue tea wherever you are in the world. 

  • Take a photo or video of where you are savouring your blue tea.

  • Hashtag #MyBlueTeaFestival and #MyBlueTea LOCATION] (e.g. #MyBlueTea Sydney #MyBlueTea Melbourne #MyBlueTea Wedding #MyBlueTea Birthday etc. )

  • You can also email your photos or videos to

And if you've need to stock up on a fresh supply of tea for where you're going, check out our My Blue Tea Festival offers, with our teas at 20% off! 

We look forward to seeing you on our Tea Trail.


Let's get brewin'!


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