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My Blue Tea is a company based in Australia that offers unique superfoods.


Our launch products include the Blue Butterfly Tea Powder and Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, made from Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers or scientifically referred to as the Clitoria Ternatea. These flowers are used as an aged old and ayurvedic way to maintain health and overall wellness.

Lee, the founder of My Blue Tea, grew up in Malaysia.

"We used the Butterfly Pea flowers to provide a blue tinge to rice (known as Nasi Kerabu, a specialty rice) and glutinous rice cakes (known as Pulut Tai Tai & Nonya Chang in Nyonya cooking in the Peranakan community)."


The roots, leaves, flowers and seeds of Clitoria Ternatea have known traditional medicinal uses that stretch back in time - especially the roots. In Ayurveda Indian medicine it is known to cure sexual ailments and is used as an aphrodisiac, laxative and diuretic, as a brain tonic to promote intellect and improve memory, to treat bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, fever, skin diseases like leucoderma, eye infections and is even reported as a cure for ulcers. Active components of Blue tea include tannin, resin, starch, tarakserol and tarakseron.


Our Blue Butterfly Powder and Butterfly Blue Pea Tea is a delicate blend of these flowers with a natural flavour on its own or you may wish to add honey or rice sugar, lemongrass, ginger or pandanus yourself to give that extra flavour and medicinal value. Or you may simply choose to add a squeeze of lemon to see how it changes colour from royal blue to purple or pink and impress your friends or guests at the next dinner party.


Taste of Blue Tea:

The tea has amazing intense blue colour and thick brew looks like blue ink; perfect and safe as a natural food colouring. Flavour is not distinguished and has an all natural earth taste. 


Australia's Plant-Based Superfoods Company

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