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Coconut Shakes

Shake me up, Baby!

Our New Coconut Shake Series are the craziest sensation now.

Make Coconut Shakes in 3 Easy Steps

Enjoy Coconut Shake Smoothie - anytime and anywhere! Ready in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Get an MBT Blender ready

Add 60grams Coconut Shake

Add 60ml water or flavours you prefer

Add 225grams ice

Step 2. Add your choice of flavours

(Butterfly Pea, Pandan, Matcha Coconut, Almond Coconut, Dragonfruit, Jackfruit, Durian or Coffee etc)

Step 3.Blitz with MBT Blender

Blitz till it's creamy and smooth like ice cream.

Optional Step. Add toppings 

Try this NEW Coconut Shake Boba 

Add in whatever toppings you like from our online shop and create your very own new recipe "Coconut Shake Boba or ice blended Smoothie"!



Coconut Cocktail Shake ideas for those above 18 years :)

Add your favourite liquor then blitz

(a) Coconut Shake Pina Colada with Rum (b) Coconut Shake Lychee Martini (c) Coconut Shake Blue Rum (e) Frozen Coconut Shake Mojito with Rum


DIY Coconut Shake Home Kit

The Original Coconut Shake originated from Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia. With our new kits, we made it easy for you to make your own signature Coconut Shake. Check out different Coconut Shake Kits available.


Each kit will come with a 380ml Portable Blender and Thermos flask.


Your Shake Toppings

Add a bit of glamour to your coconut shake by adding one of our exiciting range of toppings

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