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By buying our Superfoods, you are supporting and empowering women via our Farm to Consumer and Soil to Plate initiatives.

My Blue Tea is an advocate of sustainable farming practices and we work closely with our farmers across the Australasian tropical belt to ensure we have a year long supply of premium seasonal flowers.


We visit our farmers regularly and are constantly seeking to improve with a view to long-term environmental, business and community sustainability.

Together with our farmers we have developed quality standards and unique farming techniques.  Our Butterfly pea plantations do not use pesticides or chemicals and with our farmers, we have also developed ways to inter-crop butterfly pea with moringa, rozelle, black rice and various plantations with longer-term yielding crops. 

This helps sustain farmer’s with a steady income and therefore community stability.


If you need a good reason to buy from My Blue Tea, here’s 10!


  1. Our Blue Tea is harvested fresh daily; directly on our doorstep, to provide fresh indigenous blue butterfly flowers.

  2. We use Cellular Fraction-Line Technology.  (an evolutionary premium freeze dry process) which provides the strongest natural concentration while keeping the cellular and molecular structure of the blue butterfly flower intact. This provides a high level of bioactivity.

  3. You are not drinking a mild infusion and then throwing the flowers away. You are ingesting the entire edible flowers to provide maximum benefits.

  4. Aqueous ozone anti-microbial treatment reduces plate counts and kills microbes without damage to healthy ingredients.

  5. Porous particle structure as a result of CFL creates blue butterfly flower powder that is highly soluble, dissolves fully and provides higher bioavailability.

  6. Low moisture content keeps the dried powder stable with a 2 year shelf life.

  7. There is a high natural concentration of the flowers due to elimination of the water content provides benefits with a very small dose.

  8. No waste. There is no loss of raw materials or steeped tea that might degrade and have to be thrown away.

  9. Avoid exposure to excessive heat such as in boiling the flowers to steep the tea. Make in ice cold or warm (drinking temperature) water to preserve anthocyanin antioxidants and other vital thermo-sensitive ingredients.

  10. We support sustainable agriculture that encourages bringing the blue butterfly back from the brink of extinction.

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