Pandan Green Tea is the perfect thirst quencher.


New packaging comes in 50g packs instead of 40g and at the same price of $9.90. These fragrant Pandan loose leaves have NO Caffeine and comes with all the awesome goodness you would expect from the Pandanus, screw pine plant. Pandan Green Tea is green because the colour pigments come from chlorophyll components in Pandan.


Just add 2-3 teaspoons of Pandan Green Tea leaves, add hot water to steep for several minutes and strain the water. Serve warm.



  • You can even add ginger, lime or lemongrass if you prefer.
  • On cold days, drink it hot.
  • On hot days, just chill. The chilled Pandan Green Tea will be good for about 3 days.


Do you know how else we use these wonderful Pandan leaves?

Nigella Lawson may have harped on about how it will become “the next matcha” in Europe, but here in Southeast Asia, Pandan leaves have been, well, almost everything to the people:


  • it is a natural food colouring (green) because of its chlorophyll
  • it naturally gives food a beautiful fragrance
  • wrap a bunch of Pandanus leaves and leave it in places to repel insects - a natural insect repellant :)
  • a natural air freshener because of its beautiful fragrance
  • the leaves are used to wrap food (wrap your chicken in it and then barbecue till chicken is cooked)
  • given as a token of love - you might notice it as foliage to a bouquet of flowers.


Other names for Pandan, the subtly soothing aromatic superfood.

  • Thailand - bai toey hom
  • Malaysia - daun pandan
  • Japan - takonoki
  • West - fragrant screw pine

Pandan Green Tea 50g



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