Support our sustainability program to empower Women by buying these teas.


My Blue Tea celebrates women #IWD2020. By buying these Blue Tea Blends, you support our sustainability program to empower women.


My Blue Tea invites everyone to come together for the #IWD2020 theme #EachforEqual, a call to action for accelerating women's equality and celebrating their achievements.


We support girls and women in rural countries, empowering them with skills and work as part of our sustainability program to grow and produce unique, high quality Superfoods products for My Blue Tea. This is via two initiatives - Farm to Consumer and Soil to Plate. Learn more about them here.

These three Unique Blue Tea Blends are on sale. By purchasing our products, you are supporting our sustainability program and empowering these women with training and jobs, ensuring food security for the next generation.


At the moment, we have 280 acres of land to plant Butterfly Pea Flowers, Pandan, Purple Sweet Potato, Torch Ginger, Red Ginger and Dayak Ginger. This plantation, as a non-profit enterprise, assists our community, particularly native single mums.

Three special teas on sale to empower women

These three special tea blends are perfect for the coming Autumn and Winter months. 1 teabag is good for 2 teapots of 500 ml hot water. Enjoy all the great calming and happy benefits of My Blue Tea and support our efforts to empower women ensuring future food security.

Blue Herbal Tea from My Blue Tea with gi
Blue Herbal Tea
Blue APPLE Magic by My Blue Tea.png
Blue Apple Magic Tea
Blue Miracle Tea from My Blue Tea. Limit
Blue Miracle Tea

The Blue Herbal Tea has ginger and lemongrass that helps to keep you warm and cosy.

The Blue Apple Magic Tea is a magical blend of Butterfly Blue Pea flowers, white tea, apple pieces, rose petals, corn flowers and calendula.

The Miracle Blue Tea Blend is a special blend with Moringa leaves, Pandan and Blue flowers.


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