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WIN a pack of My Blue Tea Satay Spices & Butterfly Blue Pea Tea worth $100

Guess My Blue Tea Spice Contest

My Blue Tea spices can make a whole lot of delicious food and Blue Butterfly Pea Tea makes people happy. Check out the two images below and tell us the name of My Blue Tea spice used in each dish.

Submit your answers to My Blue Tea via the Contest Form and you will stand a chance to win My Blue Tea Satay Spice & Blue Pea Tea Pack worth $100!

(Local and international postage included so you can participate from anywhere in the world!).




Looking for Clues?

These dishes are featured on all of our Facebook page: So look for the spice used in each dish.

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Guess My Blue Tea Spices used in DISH A & B 

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Guess My Blue Tea Spice in these Dishes Contest Form

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Mantou Dish
Macaroni Dish
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