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How to make the Pink Dragon drink for the Lunar New Year?

Red, corresponding with fire, symbolises good fortune and joy. Red is found everywhere during Chinese New Year and other holiday celebrations and family gatherings. A red envelope is a monetary gift which is given in Chinese society during holiday or special occasions. The red colour of the packet symbolises good luck.

As close as we could get, Red is Pink from our Roselle Powder mixing it with coconut milk to get this drink. Otherwise for a quick "Red Roselle Drink" - dilute 2 teaspoons of Roselle Powder to 2 litres of water, squeeze in 2 - 3 limes, add honey for some sweetness and lots of ice to quench your thirst. Roselle has many health benefits - many "when think of Roselle" it's synonymous to "Grandma's Roselle Jam" but there's more to it than just jam. Here's the link for the Health Benefits of Roselle - There are plenty of recipes on our Blog on how to use Roselle to the maximum in various cooking. Do subscribe.


Serves – 2 person


* 1 cup AYAM Coconut Milk

* 1 cup water

* 5 cubes rock sugar

* ½ tsp rose water (optional)

* ½ tsp Basil seeds

* Garnish – slices of young coconut flesh & mint leaves

* Add ice cubes & serve

The Pink Dragon with Roselle Powder


(1) Add water, coconut mil and rock sugar together in a saucepan and bring it to boil for about 5 mins

(2) Remove from the fire. Add basil seeds and stir in Roselle powder until dissolve

(3) Let it cool. To serve add ice cubes, rose water (optional) and garnish with slices of young coconut and mint.

Butterfly Pea Tea | Pandan | Blue Tea

Blue Herbal Tea - our best seller with lemongrass, ginger and with Pandan, of course

New Blue Tea blends with Australian Bushfood will be launched soon - STAY TUNED!

All native bushfood in our Blue Tea blends are grown in the Mid North Coast, NSW.


You may substitute coconut milk with coconut water; stir in some Roselle Powder, basil seeds and have it cold and garnish with mint leaves or lemon wedges. (Add sweetness if desired).

About Sue Zaleha, Dapur Ibu Sydney

Dapur Ibu burst into the Sydney scene with her signature dish "Ayam Goreng Berempah" - Fried Chicken coated with spices. Was yum and always sold out at the Malaysian Festival, usually falls on the 1st weekend of September. Chef Sue's food are authentic Malay Malaysian cuisine with sometimes a hint of Indonesian flavour. You may follow Sue on her FB & Instagram page or order some yummy foods here -

Dapur Ibu's latest menu is this Pandan Chicken - marinated with MY BLUE TEA's Pandan Powder with other spices and wrap in Pandan Leaves - either deep fried or BBQ or grill.

Pandan | MY BLUE TEA | Chicken

Pandan Chicken marinated with Pandan Powder for the extra fragrant

Butterfly Pea | Kueh Cara | MY BLUE TEA

Kueh Cara using Blue Butterfly Pea Powder

Kueh | MY BLUE TEA | Pandan

"A Kueh Platter" is a must during any Malaysian or Asian party. Some selection of Kueh-mueh made using our Superfood Powder - Roselle Kueh Lapis, Pandan & Blue Butterfly Serimuka and Pandan Ondeh-ondeh. So yum!

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