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Have a “Blue and Purple Christmas” afternoon tea: More recipes and tips

How to create a Blue and Purple Themed Christmas ...

This Christmas, why not try something blue; something new by hosting an easy but elegant afternoon tea. My Blue Tea suggests a Christmas twist to a classic high tea menu that is sure to bring cheer during the holidays.


All you really need to set up this Christmas high tea is a tea set, a table for displaying all the yummy food and plenty of comfy chairs. However, as we all know it's the little things that make a big difference, and here are a few special touches that can make it something special:

• Add a festive touch to your table with candles, dried flowers including Butterfly Pea flowers dried or fresh (if you are able to grow them), twinkling fairy lights, Christmas baubles and a few decorations.

• The usual Christmas themed flowers in either red or white make an ideal addition to any table and are lovely to have in the house but you might like to change that to silver with purple and/or white + red + white

• For an extra special touch swap your normal sugar for sugar cubes, lay out linen napkins and use your best crockery.

• Some Christmas tunes can add to the ambiance and put everyone in a good mood.

Christmas holiday photo from vermilion Pinstripes

Blue & Purple Christmas ideas and recipes

We will be posting more recipes over the next few weeks - so remember to tune in.


Christmas won’t be Christmas without a Christmas Yule Log! Impress your guests with this recipe available soon - a Christmas Wintry Blue Log!


Christmas cupcakes are as cute as they are delicious, and can be adorned with just about anything you like. If you're serving a few sweets, try making mini-cupcakes so that your guests can enjoy these little cakes but still have room left for other treats.

Lime Blue Wonderland

Blue Snow on a White Mudcake

Banana Muffin Blue Snowflake

Holiday Gifts


What's Christmas without the sweet bites that herald the season. This is the ideal time to display a different bite, an old recipe with a new twist - letting your family enjoy all time favourites -

Blue Sugee Bites

Blue Coconut Candy


A Christmas day meal in Australia commonly includes seafood. Prawns, fish and lobster (often barbecued) are popular on this holiday. Christmas meals are often served during the afternoon at lunch time. Due to the warm weather in Australia during the Christmas season, many people opt to celebrate their holiday with a picnic or day at the beach.

You can make your Dips *sexier* this year - add some colours and new flavours with some Blue Butterfly Powder into your dips and create something new – it could be Blue or Purple or even Pink – for you to dip your prawns and various seafood. Kids love colour!

Australia is blessed with native bush foods and we're so lucky we have the variety and the chance to blend and create new dips in the process ie add lemon with cinnamon myrtle or add finger limes into your good old mayonnaise or aioli. Or you can throw in some finely chopped kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass for some Asian flavours. Give the old traditional Dips a new Blue life. It’s all about trying, testing and sharing.


Mayo has never look so pretty before! It's a Purplish Pink Mayo

JUST ONE MORE SWEET! - Blue Mousse - Yum!

Recipe soon!

Mousse recipe from My Blue Tea

What drinks to serve Perhaps the most important part of a high tea is the tea itself.

Depending on how many teapots you have, choose one or two teas for your guests to enjoy. Look at our Holiday Packs, a glass teapot is added as a Gift for a nice warm Blue Herbal tea. Look at the colour; mesmerised with it… or for the kids this Christmas a twist with healthy juices

Other tea options include: • Just Blue tea • Blue Lavendar tea • Blue Herbal tea • Coconut lemon infused water Pineapple Sage + Mint infused with Blue Butterfly Powder - (click here for recipe)

Blue Herbal Tea

And as this is a celebration, there's nothing to stop you from pulling out the bubbly and uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine or white wine to make your own “Purple Sangria”

• Purple Sangria – the only Purple Sangria (watch out for the recipe over the next few weeks) • Blue Ice on Gin & Tonic (click here for recipe)

• Vodka Lime with Blue Butterfly Ice Cubes


Gorgeous Purple Sangria

Please note not all recipes are available – as some are proprietary as Chefs and friends are using the Blue Butterfly Powder to create something blue or purple and pink to wow themselves and their clients.

However, you can also do the same and create something out of the ordinary and share with us. All the blue products are available in our Holiday Pack's on

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Christmas present holiday photos from Vermilion Pinstripes

Love the Blue Snowman photo?

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