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You'll love My Blue Tea

Shake, Shake, our Coconut Shake!

My Blue Tea is pleased to announce our newest product - The Coconut Shake

Now you can enjoy the taste of REAL coconuts... it can't get any better!

The Original Coconut Shake in Melaka, Malaysia is certainly a drink that you must try! And if you can’t travel, you won't miss out, because we are bringing the Coconut Shake to Australia!

A traditional Coconut Shake consists of fresh coconut flesh and its juice, a healthy dollop of ice-cream and then blended up with a lot of ice. But most of us are not living on a sunny island with luscious coconut palm trees, so getting fresh coconut may be a bit of a challenge.

The good news is, with 'LuvEat' we have solved this problem! In fact, some may say it's an even better solution than having a garden full of tall palms (beware of falling coconuts!). All you need to do to make this delicious traditional Coconut Shake is one packet of My Blue Tea's Coconut Shake Powder !

Scroll down to get the recipe below, and as an added treat, we have shared a few other recipes as well, so make sure you try them out too!

Latest News: We are launching our Coconut Shake and will have some Coconut Shake tastings at the Food Service Australia show from 23-25 October, 2022 at Stall No. Z28. Come visit us for some delicious tastings!

And if you can't make it for the Food Service Australia show, there's another opportunity later in the month! Tastings of Coconut Shake will also be available on 29th October 2022, at Parklea Markets - 1st floor at Nasi Lemak Parklea. This is a special event where we are also helping the local community, mums-starting-in-business etc to launch their small businesses and also helping new Entrepreneurs e.g. Sheok Choc Chips, Smile at First Bite (curry puffs) and Yummy Lekor Gan (fish crackers from the state of Trengganu, Malaysia) and others. Do come over and get to know some new businesses!

Have you tried creating your own unique Coconut Shake drink? Share them with us! Scroll through for some ideas from My BlueTea Drinks team - Teh Tarik Coconut Shake (Pull Tea + Coconut Shake), Pandan Boba Coconut Shake with Palm Sugar, the Original Coconut Shake with Coconut noodles, Coffee Coconut Shake with Arnotts, Butterfly Pea Coconut Shake, Durian Coconut Shake + sprinkle with Chocolate, Butterfly Pea Blueberry Coconut Shake and Matcha double Coconut Shake. Just let your creativity flow!

Create, Tag & Tell us and if you are featured on our Instagram, we will send you 2 x 50grams Coconut Shake powders!

Here's a Coconut Shake Teh Tarik recipe video for you!

Remember to check out more recipes here:

Coconut Shake Recipe


*150ml water

*150g-200g ice (to your requirement)

*30g coconut noodles (optional)

*A dollop of any ice cream to top it off (optional, but its *heavenly*)

Blend till smooth and serve with a dollop of ice cream!

Coconut Shake Teh Tarik

You can make infinite creations from this one basic coconut shake recipe. To make a Coconut Shake Teh Tarik, just add:

*1 sachet Teh Tarik Powder

*Crust Arnott or Biscoff bikkie (optional)

Trade Enquiries:

Who are we looking for? You and..... CALL us today +61 478 413 573!!



*Bubble Tea


*Gelato shops

*Food & drink lovers

*You create, tag us and get featured on our social media.

Our Magalog is ready for download

We invite trade businesses to download this Magalog. It's intended for you to get to know us and our products. The recipes inside may inspire you to create a new dishes and drinks with our products.

See us at the Food Service Australia from 23-25 October 2022 at the International Convention Centre, Sydney from 10.00am to 5.00pm daily at Booth Z-28.

We would be having Coconut Shake tastings as well as Rendang Canapè and if you're lucky there's a chance for Nasi Lemak Rendang tastings.


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