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You'll love My Blue Tea

How to brew your happy blue tea

Brewing your happy Butterfly Pea flower tea:

Put your desired amount of the Blue Butterfly Pea Powder into cold, tepid or hot water and allow to dissolve. You can add wild honey or rice sugar for sweeter taste or fresh squeezed lemon juice to turn the colour from blue to purple. You may chill some butterfly pea flower tea and add some ice cubes for delicious blue ice tea or add to your cocktails.

Alternatively, you may add a My Blue Tea Bag to one cup of tea, add boiling water, steep for 5-10 minutes depending on desired flavour and colour.

Natural Food Dye: Butterfly pea flowers are cooked and squeezed to make blue colour natural food dye for desserts, traditional kuih and cooking. It is widely used in Malaysian cooking such as in Nyonya Kuih, Nasi Kerabu and as tea.

Pro tip:

Just for Fun: You can watch the water turning a bright blue in front of your eyes. If you add a touch of lemon or lime juice the colour turns from bright blue to deep purple. This is even more fun as the tea changes colour before your eyes.

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