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You'll love My Blue Tea

Blue Star Smoothie Recipe

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Reach for the stars! This is one yummy recipe that is also pretty to boot. Even the kids will be thrilled with it!



(1) Pop everything in your blender and you're done.

(2) Top with coconut whip, puffed quinoa, add an extra sprinkle of blue butterfly pea powder.

(3) Use rose-gold straw for presentation. Enjoy!


Feeling adventurous and want to try different flavours in your smoothies, bounty, and chia pudding? Why not substitute with these other superfood powders below?

Blue is such a beautiful colour that makes your dishes and desserts stand out. Have you tried our Blue Butterfly Pea Flower tea? Watch the video below!

More than just a pretty drink, there are tons of health benefits in this tea. Learn more here:

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Everything looks so pretty in blue! Koala Blue Smoothie, Blue Butterfly Smoothie and Blueberries Chia Seeds Smoothie - you're going to be loaded with anti-oxidants!


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