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How to Make Caffeine-free Kombucha Tea (Butterfly Pea Kombucha) ?

Happy New Year! And with New Year we always have new Resolutions and one that always pop-up is "to loose weight" after all the feasting over the holidays. And before Christmas and New Year went by, some of our friends are going to celebrate Chinese New Year on the 5th February 2019, the Year of the Pig. The last animal on the zodiac cycle! And that means more food; more feasting for 14 days of celebration! Here is one recipe to keep you going, a healthy Butterfly Pea Kombucha tea, no caffeine nor tannins and with the health benefits from our Butterfly Pea herb viola perfect for you. Enjoy!

Tea is naturally caffeinated and that means Kombucha tea is also caffeinated. If this is the reason why you are not drinking the beverage that’s been dubbed as the “health elixir” yet, don’t frown! You can make caffeine-free Kombucha tea.

Kombucha (kom-BOO-cha) is a tart-tasting fizzy beverage made by fermentation. Its sweet, tangy flavour and low sugar content have made it a popular alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks. Kombucha is made by adding a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to a solution of sugar and tea. During the fermentation, the bacteria and yeast on the scoby ferment the tea and sugar to make a sour-tasting tonic. As the scoby grows, it can be broken off into sections to start a new batch. Due to its gelatinous, blob-like appearance, the scoby is also referred to as a mother culture, tea beast, fungus or mushroom.

Yes, you read that right. But, let me be honest with you. This recipe is not 100% caffeine-free, because you need to use a regular starter tea. But the good news is that the caffeine levels of this kombucha recipe is so low, your body might be able to take it. So without further adieu, here’s the recipe.

Kombucha | Butterfly Pea | My Blue Tea

Butterfly Pea Kombucha Tea

Caffeine-free Kombucha Tea


*1 live SCOBY1 cup starter tea

*5 Tablespoon butterfly pea tea

*1 gallon water (16 cups)

*1 cup sugar (white is recommended)

How to make Butterfly Pea Tea?

## (dissolve about 1 teaspoon of water into 5 tablespoons of water)

** (steep about 15 Butterfly Pea flowers into 5 tablespoons of hot water - to extract Blue Tea colour)


*1 gallon glass jar

* A clean piece of cloth or coffee

* Filter rubber, Bandpot, Spoon, Tea infuser

Makes 1 gallon of Butterfly Pea Kombucha Tea


(1) Simmer 4 cups of water. Once the water starts showing bubbles, add your butterfly pea tea and let it steep for 8-10 minutes.

(2) Take out the tea and add 1 cup of sugar.

(3) Stir until sugar is dissolved.

(4) Pour the mixture in to your jar.

(5) Add the remaining 12 cups of water and stir.

(6) Add your live SCOBY and starter tea in to the mixture.

(7) Cover the jar with a piece of cloth or coffee filter and secure with a rubber band

(8) Let it ferment in a warm, dry place with no direct sunlight for 5-7 days.

(9) But taste it on the 3rd day to know if it’s fermenting.

You will know it’s fermenting when it starts to change colour and smells vinegary. If on the 3rd day it is more sour than sweet, harvest it and store in bottles. And as always, leave at least a cup of the tea and the SCOBY inside the jar when you harvest. That will serve as your starter for the next batch you brew.

Look at the gorgeous colour!

Your Butterfly Pea Kombucha Tea

Want to make your own caffeine-free Butterfly Pea Kombucha tea?

Click this to buy Butterfly Pea herb and Blue Butterfly Pea Powder.


Kombucha can be flavoured with wild herbs, spices and fresh fruit and our Superfood Powder ie

Roselle Powder and Pandan Powder.

Photo: Christopher Pearce -

You may use Roselle Powder, Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder for the zesty flavour and Pandan for that nice sweet fragrant.

A cup of good Blue Tea ...ahhhh.......

Nutrition snapshot

When the scoby ferments the sweet tea solution to make kombucha, it produces several useful compounds.

These include beneficial acids such as acetic acid, commonly found in vinegar, which can help control "bad" micro-organisms within the gut.

Kombucha also contains B vitamins, folic acid, tea polyphenols and antioxidants.

It is often referred to as a source of probiotics, but the amount of probiotic bacteria within kombucha brews can vary. It contains several components (acids, enzymes, bacteria and yeast) that can influence the health and balance of gut microflora.

For one who does not like vinegar this is not bad! I have been converted.

Go on try making one today!

Important things to remember when brewing Caffeine-free Butterfly Pea Kombucha Tea :-

* The color will change. It can go from dark blue to purple or dark pink * Butterfly pea tea has a neutral flavour. You may not get the flavour of regular camellia sinensis (tea). But you can definitely taste the unique flavour of kombucha tea.

* If you want to enhance the flavor, add fruits or herbs after the first fermentation. Just like you would do with the regular kombucha tea. * The SCOBY may turn light blue or violet and may not grow like the SCOBY we get from regular kombucha tea.

This is adapted from the recipe by Jannah Abueza.

Thank you for sharing.

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