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Chef Gunawan Wu

Sweet Ambassador!

Chef Gunawan Wu otherwise affectionately known as Awi Wu
Chef Gunawan Wu otherwise affectionately known as Awi Wu
Meet Chef Gunawan Wu who is currently Sweet Responsible Ambassador for Lakanto Australia, Chocolate Ambassador for Nestlé Professional Australia and also Chef Instructor at Scoffed Cooking School. He is dedicated to sharing his skills, passion and knowledge through his classes.​Gunawan has worked in many top restaurants in Adelaide, e.g. Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar, Hill of Grace, Jolleys Boathouse, Mayfair. He's also a pastry chef instructor locally and internationally and is a consultant with a few restaurants specialising in the art of dessert-making.  Despite his busy schedule, he is highly committed to the industry as a member of the Australian Culinary Federation. He has also become one of the accredited chef judges in the  South Australia Region at a young age.

Training at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School​ Gunawan is an Indonesian Chinese. He came to Australia in 2013 to study a patisserie course in Le Cordon Bleu, Adelaide.​Through Le Cordon Bleu’s networking, Gunawan has worked with and gained his experience from many great chefs such as Simon Bryant, Cheong Liew, Darren Purchese, Paul Gillis, Tony Carrol, Mauro Gulli and even Marco Pierre White.​Daring to be different Gunawan came from a family who runs a motorcycle spare parts business in Indonesia. He is the only one of his five siblings who is in the culinary industry. He is also the youngest in the family who has been labelled the black sheep for not continuing with the family business unlike his siblings. It was not easy for Gunawan to convince his family to let him follow his aspirations. Gunawan never gave up in spite of that. Looking back, it was all well worth it as he has clearly made his parents proud with his achievements. He has been featured in newspapers, magazines and also recipe books.


Food made artistic

Gunawan has always loved art, but his dad was opposed to him studying multimedia design. So he studied for a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism instead, specialising in Food Engineering.

Life changed when he discovered that he could incorporate art into pastry making.

For Gunawan, the art of plating and combining flavours allows creative expression, where he can bring his imagination into reality. He came to Australia to study in Le Cordon Bleu Australia to further his culinary knowledge and it provided a space for him to further nurture his passion for the culinary arts.

Dragon fruit / Pitaya Madeleines and eccentric creations ie Mie Goreng Chocolate bar and Indomie Mie Goreng Macarons

Sharing sweet inspiration​

Gunawan aims to be a celebrity chef and continues teaching classes to share his passion, skills and knowledge. For Gunawan, inspiration is sustained by paying it forward. He himself finds inspiration from the very people he has inspired!  

Creativity through challenges

Gunawan loves challenges and he gets a real buzz from participating in competitions. In 2013 when he was still a student in Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide, he competed in the Dilmah Real High Tea competition among head chefs and pastry chefs from the Hilton and Crown Plaza. Being the only student in the competition did not throw him off at all. He competed confidently, and his unique flavoured macarons, tom yum macarons with Dilmah Green Tea all amazed the judges and won him a bronze medal.​He also challenged himself at international competitions, e.g. Savour Patissier of the year 2016, the People's Choice award, Tart Category and he was featured on the front cover of the Savour Patissier of the year 2016 recipe book for his incredible Terrarium Tart.

Pandan Mousse in a Chocolate Garden and Terrarium Tarts that won the Savour Patissier of the year 2016 award 

Getting creatively nostalgic with My Blue Tea

Durian Bombe Alaska is so pretty | My Blue Tea
Durian Bombe Alaska

Gunawan loves to create desserts with a twist. He had been looking for ingredients that reminded him of his childhood and he finally found these flavours through My Blue Tea e.g. pandan and durian flavour. He wants to share his joyful childhood flavours with his students and everyone in Australia through his beautiful desserts. Now everyone can enjoy his Durian Alaska Bomb with My Blue Tea!

A video to awe his students creating Durian Bombe Alaska.......

Want more?

Looking to make your own culinary creations? Then check out the My Blue Tea Blog and TV Channel for gorgeous recipes created by chefs from the world over! 


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