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Spicy Baked Macaroni with Rendang blend

Rendang many ways

You can do so much with our spice blends, it is so versatile. Combine our spice blends to create different dishes and marry East + West flavours to create and Asian Fusion bomb. Create. Bring the "hidden Chef" in you. 2 of our best sellers are now back in stock and good news for Rendang lovers - we now have 500 grams Rendang pack for you or if you own a cafe, restaurant or is a private caterer - please apply for a Wholesale or Trade account or simply email to Amy -

Spicy Baked Macaroni

The Spicy Baked Macaroni with Rendang recipe has 2 parts and we now have Food Service packs ie for catering and cafes/restaraurants etc

Ingredients A:

*300g Macaroni

*300g Beef/chicken (minced)

*1 no Onion (coarsely chopped)

*2 stalks Celery (cut small slices)

*3 no Green chilli (cut small)

*2 nos Tomato (coarsely chop)

*80g Tomato puree

Baked Macaroni.  Rendang is the best | My Blue Tea recipe
Have you tried this Asian Fusion Baked Macaroni with Rendang?

Ingredients B:-

*5g Salt

*10g Sugar

*5g Pepper

*5nos Egg

*1/2 can Evaporated milk

*4-6 nos Cheddar Cheese (cut into pieces)

*1 no Tomato slice (for garnishing)

Rendang by Gordon Ramsay | My Blue Tea recipe
Rendang Baked Macaroni

Our Rendang base is the best | My Blue Tea recipes
Oxtail Rendang by Chef Popo

Spicy Rendang Macaroni or

Spicy Braised Oxtail Rendang

Why not try both?

Beef Rendang is the norm however, Oxtail gives this a delicious + beautifully gelatinous collagen that is really a great treat for the skin + joints. A win win!

Braise in the oven @120-150degC for a couple of hours (time may vary depending on your oven) till tender + fall off the bone! Pairs really well with steamed rice or roti. Even more tasty + flavourful the next day, if it lasts that long.


(1) Boil macaroni until cooked and rinse with cold water. Strain and keep aside.

(2) Add cooking oil and put ingredients A. Stir well, add Rendang base and ingredients (B). Set aside to cool.

(3) Pour above mixture and stir well. Add in macaroni.

(4) Prepare casserole; beat eggs with evaporated milk and pour in the mixture. Level it and over with cheese. Garnish with tomato slices.

(5) Baked in preheated oven at 180C for 20 mins or until cooked. Ready to serve.

What's on next weekend besides a leap year?

Malaysian food is so good | My Blue Tea
Malaysia Festival 2024

See you next weekend at the Malaysia Festival 2024 on 2nd March 2024, Saturday from 10.00am.

We would have the following for tastings and for sale :-

(1) Cendol & Bandung Coconut Shake with modern toppings from Black Boba, Coconut Jelly, Coconut ships, Red bean, Lychees or Peach Gum.

(2) Kueh Serimuka by our partner, Smile at 1st Bite - the highlight is the combination of Pandan Powder & Pandan Liquid extract on these Pretty Face cake's.

Smile at 1st Bite has her stall adjacent to us so come over and grab some beautiful Curry Puffs, Durian Puffs, Durian Custard cake and Kueh Pandan Seri Muka.

(3) Spiced Fried Chicken wings using our Ayam Goreng Berempah Spice blends.

And many more from our store ie Rendang Powder to cook this Spicy Baked Rendang Macaroni or get our Pandan Powder + Pandan Liquid extract combo to your lovely home.

You might be able to grab a bargain too............

If you missed us at the Chatswood Lunar New Year 2024 event, then you DO NOT want to miss this as Cendol Coconut Shake is not served anywhere else in Australia - only your very own personal Coconut Shake Australia people - aka us!


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