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Chef Jeffery Liew

Getting to the Heart of Cooking

Chef Jeffery Liew - redefining Malaysian flavours | My Blue Tea
Chef Jeffery Liew - redefining Malaysian flavours

Whenever chefs share with us their history and how they started, we are always amazed, and so grateful that they put in the hard work and courage to make a career change to become chefs. Jeffery Liew is one such chef.

Delectable Pandan Ondeh Ondeh Cake using Pandan Powder | My Blue Tea
Delectable Pandan Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Connecting with the Past

We are so glad Jeffery Liew did not stay in the Sciences! Jeffery's culinary touch is one that reminds you of the good old days and of home. He is proud of his Malaysian and Peranakan roots and keeping the tradition and culture alive by introducing it to Australia is what makes Cheffery's Kitchen stand out. Whenever Jeffery cooks, he has a pair of eyes looking forward with his creativity and innovation in fusing the best of different culinary worlds, and he also has a pair of eyes that look to the past, embracing his heritage and honouring the food and dishes his parents grew up with. Each time he cooks a traditional dish, it is like a little time travel for him to experience what his parents ate as children. It is a beautiful, intimate way to be connected with one's family and culture.

Dragon fruit Angkoo Kueh | My Blue Tea
Dragon fruit Angkoo Kueh

Giving Back from the Heart

When Jeffery first set up Cheffery's Kitchen, he was very clear about his mission - to give back to the community. My Blue Tea has always been drawn to chefs who share our values of giving back to the community. Read more here about how we give back to the community with our sustainable farming practices. We admire Jeffery's simple humility - he does not put his culinary skills on a pedestal as the main highlight of his career. He is highly dedicated to doing his part for the less fortunate and sharing with people who are experiencing difficult times.

Butterfly Pea natural Blue Macaron | My Blue Tea
Butterfly Pea natural Blue Macaron

Having lost his father to cancer, Jeffery understands the difficulties people go through when there is an illness in the family. He takes part in the Biggest Morning Tea every year - it is his hope that one day, the world can be cancer-free and nobody would have to suffer the way his family did when his father battled the disease. Jeffery's signature macarons may look petite and delicate but he has a huge, rock solid heart of gold when it comes to paying it forward. Earlier this year, he did fundraising for the bushfire victims in Australia. And he does not stop there. He also sells pastries and kuih to fundraise for the homeless. Jeffery is a chef who genuinely cooks from his heart.

Some yummy bakes Chef Jeffery has made for private orders. From left they are Pandan & Sesame seed cookies. Pandan + Milo macaron - OMG!! Jeffery has generously shared his Pandan Hot Cross buns recipe which is popular every Easter. Pair it with a hot cup of Blue Tea.

What's in store from Cheffery's Kitchen?

Pandan Granola, healthy vegan snack - Asian inspired | My Blue Tea
Pandan Granola, healthy vegan snack - Asian inspired

Want more?

Looking to make your own culinary creations? Then check out the My Blue Tea Blog and TV Channel for gorgeous recipes created by chefs from the world over! 

Natural Kueh platter by Chefferys Kitchen | My Blue Tea
Natural Kueh platter by Chefferys Kitchen


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