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Kueh Pandan Serimuka *Pretty Face*

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Have you been PANDAN'd ?

What else can you find with Pandan flavours?

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An easy homemade, no-fail Pandan Serimuka...... and what else can you use our Pandan Powder and Pandan Liquid in various applications --> you will be surprised!! Or you may not be surprised as PANDAN was recommended or predicted to take over the world by Nigella Lawson a few years ago...... as the NEW BLACK!!

Kueh Serimuka is also known as Pretty face
A Malaysian heritage kueh - Pandan Serimuka also known as "Pretty Face"

For the bottom layer :

*300g glutinous rice - soak and wash

*1 pack SPI Coconut Milk powder dilute in 150 ml water

*250 gm of water

*1 tsp salt

Top layer :

*110 gm wheat flour

*130 gm of granulated sugar

*10 gm corn flour

*2 large eggs

*1 tsp salt

*7-inch brass

Let's watch the video on our YouTube channel - Kueh Pandan Serimuka or Pandan Pretty Face and also available on our MyBlueTea website TV Channel.

Pandan with Blue Rice at the bottom for Serimuka by My Blue Tea
Pandan Serimuka Cake by Cocobites


If you wish to have the bottom glutinous rice layer blue --> please follow this recipe by @explore.nonstop Homemade Serimuka ie from Melaka with love.

This photo is courtesy of Cocobites. You may order the whole Pandan + Butterfly Pea cake as she only sells them as a whole cake. It is very, very yummy.


"Pandanus Amaryllifolius" is a tropical plant in the Pandanus (screwpine) genus that we grow in Borneo ourselves. Leave us to take care of your PANDANUS needs and you take care to grow your business. No blending, time savings, convenience and hygienic and not to forget naturally flavoursome and very fragrant.

Did you know besides using PANDANUS Amaryllifolius in your desserts and food you can also use them in various applications? Read all about its health benefits.

Pandan Beer and Pandan Liqueur are now trending Worldwide! Join the worldwide trendsetters who are already savouring the exquisite flavours of Pandan Beer. Your culinary adventure starts here!

PANDAN Anything and Everything

Use our Pandan Powder to create these fragrant, healthy beautiful products ie Pandan Body lotion, Pandan Bath bombs and Pandan Bath salts. Did you know you can also use Pandan in Pandan Soaps and Pandan Candles? Pandan + Lemongrass soap is an idea or Pandan + Coconut Candle.

There are many options and opportunities, a whole new market for using our PANDAN products to create a "niche" for yourself. Call us for sample & sample prices and to open your Wholesale account @

ALWAYS Eat Desserts First

Pandan is still the reigning dessert in Asia or South East Asia and we have to revisit food again with new food ideas ie Pandan Canele, Pandan Ice Cream (photo courtesy by Mooed Ice Cream in Sydney), Pandan Souffle, Pandan Croffles and Pandan Choc Chips which was recently made for USA renowned Chef Martin Yan's visit to Australia (made by Elizabeth in Perth). You will see many more new desserts have been "PANDAN-ed" or will be "PANDAN-ed" in the future. Be the first and talk to us for a Wholesale account.

Walking the streets in Melbourne recently, you will find many new dessert shops now giving you a PANDAN option either in dessert, shaved ice in winter or drinks. Sydney, quick! Catch-up!!

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Or, if you're not ready to buy yet but interested in finding out more about being a Wholesale partner, then we invite you to submit the form. We will be in touch within 1-2 business days. Otherwise, contact us through email or . We are happy to hear from you!


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