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Coconut Shake Cocktails - Christmas in July

How to make Frozen Coconut Shake Cocktails

Coconut lovers out there, get ready for a treat! These Coconut Shake Cocktails are going to delight your tastebuds! But first, you need to master How to make Coconut Shake and also to enjoy it! Learn more about accessories and toppings for Coconut Shake Boba, Juice, Smoothie. You can also create and share your recipes with us to be published!

Frozen Lychee Martini Coconut Shake Recipe

(Serves 3)

*60grams Coconut Shake Powder *40ml Vodka *40ml Lychee liqueur, or lychee syrup *1 splash freshly squeezed lime juice *Pitted lychee & mint leaves to garnish

Method (1) Blend Coconut Shake, Vodka & Lychee syrup for 1 min or till smooth and creamy.

(2) Pour into glass and garnish with lychees and mint leaves. Enjoy!

Enjoy Coconut Shake (ice blended smoothie) slowly to avoid brain freeze! Get tips below!

How to avoid brain freeze?

If you've had one of these you'd be puckering up your face right now even just reading the words 'brain freeze'! This is also known as an “ice cream headache” and it is caused by eating or drinking cold substances too quickly. When a cold substance (ice cream, milkshake, Slurpee, etc.) touch the roof of your mouth, or palate, you get this strong feeling zapping through your head!

Why does this happen? The roof of your mouth is filled with nerve endings and receptors. When you freeze it suddenly (eating a spoonful of cold ice cream for example), the capillaries are suddenly cooled down and then warmed up again. The blood vessels contract as a response to the cold liquid. This is the body's natural reaction to prevent loss of body heat. When the coldness dissipates, the blood vessels can relax again, quickly releasing blood flow to your brain. This sudden reaction is what causes the intense headaches.

Ice-cream lovers would politely nod their heads at our little attempt at a scientific explanation, and promptly go back to eating their ice-cream! Anyway, here are some tips if you want to enjoy your ice-cream pain-free!

(1) Do not use a straw to drink milkshake and melted ice cream.

(2) When using a spoon, flip it over when it enters your mouth.

(3) Drink your milkshakes rather than using a spoon. (Basically, try to avoid the roof of your mouth and protect it from the cold substance!)

(4) Drink warm water or coffee to reduce the intensity.

We had 2 cases of *brain freeze* in Laurieton and this sweetie had a Blue Tea to calm her down! And our young lady is classic - our winning photo. We're still waiting for her to claim a complimentary Coconut Shake on her next visit!

Watch Coconut Shake Frozen Lychee Martini on YouTube. Get ready to shake, shake, coconut shake!

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