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How to Make Blue Butterfly Roselle Yoghurt?


Career change after many years of working in a a stable high paying job is often difficult and emotional - to changeover, to start all over again……. and that job … a nurse – to make that change to pattieserie is often a hard decision – let’s see what’s out there…

Question - I am a nurse, but I want to be a chef! - i'm definitely a food enthusiast. i find it hard pursuing my dreams because i'm already a registered nurse, and people expect me to work as a nurse. but i would really like to go in culinary school and be a chef. its so hard, its too expensive now entering culinary school. they say 80percent of your life would be spent working, so might as well do something your passionate about. geezz..any tips? im new here!

From The Forum on Google: To all professional pastry chefs, basically, is it worth it? I really want to be a pastry chef but the salary worries me a lot. Is it worth it to you to work long shifts every day, on holidays, for low pay because you are passionate about it? Or would it be smarter for me to keep my baking as a hobby and go for a different career, like a nurse? I'm very passionate about the pastry arts, and I have been all my life. I create my own recipes, have worked with all kinds of italian and french pastries, cake decorating etc. I'm only 15 but I do have to start thinking about college and careers. I dream of being a pastry chef, but my family and friends tell me that i'm going to regret it and it would be smarter to get a job as a nurse or teacher and keep this passion as a hobby. Help??

My two cents – BY FIREWALL “I worked a career once with great benefits, good pay, room for advancement and co-workers I really liked. The only problem, I didn't enjoy the work and after pushing myself to stick with it for years, I felt trapped. That was no way for me to live. Everyone's priorities are different and people with families to care for sometimes can't take the risks they might want to. But for me at least, changing my career to the culinary world was the best thing I could have done. I love my work, it's exciting and challenging and most importantly it makes me happy.”

ADVISE - CREMDEDELACREME “It all depends on how far you are willing to go.... if you are that passionate then follow your dreams i live in the UK and if you work in the UK or EUROPE as a pastry chef then you are the most highest paid because pastry is a skilled job...not that cooking isnt but cooking is an art pastry is a science....”

How to make Roselle Smoothie? | Recipe on My Blue Tea Blog

Red Roselle Smoothie

There are mixed reviews and most of them tell you to follow your heart. And so Catherine just did that – after spending 27 years as a qualified nurse she followed her heart to be a Pattiserie Chef and loving every minute of it.

Catherine followed her passion and did a lot of baking learning – ie self-taught from recipe books and you tube and enjoyed every piece of creation that she made. We love them too! They're YUM! And because of Catherine, here's a healthy breakfast recipe for you using both Blue Butterfly Pea Powder and Red Roselle Powder :-


Greek plain yoghurt x 2 cups ( approximate 300gm) Cereal × 1/2 cup 1/2 teaspoon each MY BLUE TEA - Roselle powder & Blue Butterfly Pea Powder (to your desired colour) Honey- 1 tbsp ( optional) Some fresh strawberries & blueberries Mint leaves (optional )

Steps: - Mix both yoghurt with honey in 2 separate bowls

- Add both Red & Blue powder in each bowl - Gently scoop the Blue Butterfly Pea yoghurt into a glass or bowl. - Layer some cereal over it - Scoop Roselle yoghurt and place it on top . - Layer with cereal again. - Lastly, layer with fresh strawberries and blueberries and lastly garnish with mint leaves.

Serve chilled. Kids will love this!

How to make Butterfly Pea & Roselle Yoghurt | Recipes on My Blue Tea Blog

Blue Butterfly Roselle Yoghurt

In 2015 to fulfil her dream and passion, Catherine decided to train as a Professional Pastry Chef in Melbourne. She completed her Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in Patisserie course as well as Diploma in Hospitality Management course in 2017 .

Catherine wishes to work and explore more ideas in baking with natural ingredients which will be beneficial to all. She also bake Pineapple tarts which she does not sell them but to raise funds for charity of her choice Look at the Pineapple tarts.

These are some of her creations using natural ingredients such as Blue pea flower powder and Roselle powder. Let's see if we can convince her to share with us more of her creations and how to make non bake Blue Butterfly Cheese cake maybe even a Yellow Cheesecake, soon. Enjoy!

Butterfly Pea Cheesecake | Recipe on My Blue Tea Blog

Blue Butterfly Lemon Cheesecake

Serve with warm Blue Herbal Teabags or a refreshing Ice Blue Butterfly Soda Water - yum! them with either warm Blue Herbal Tea or an Iced Cold Blue Drink.

Butterfly Pea Tea | Recipes from My Blue Tea Blog

Blue Herbal Teabags

Butterfly Pea Tea | Recipes on My Blue Tea Blogs

Ice Blue Butterfly Drink (made using our Blue Butterfly Pea Powder)

Catherine lives in Melbourne with her husband and works as a Pastry Chef. You can delight yourself with her creations on her Facebook Page called Cat's Bakery Creations. She doesn't sell anymore but will be persuaded to do so for charity.

Would you like to see more of Catherine's work?

For various Blue Tea Blends and stay tune for new products, something different a range of Butterfly Pea Eco-cleaning products; colours from this wonderful herb - will be added to our website soon on - MY BLUE TEA.

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23 sept 2023

During my college days, I was faced with the challenging task of completing my medical training assignments. These assignments included analyzing clinical cases, performing practical skills, and writing nursing school homework. These were demanding and responsible tasks, but thanks to hard work and the support of teachers, I managed to cope with them. These college experiences prepared me for a future career in the medical field and taught me the importance of skills and knowledge in the field.

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