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Kuih Pulut Inti - the New must-try Flavour in "Pulut Inti Mooncake" for the Mooncake Festival

What is Pulut Inti?

Pulut Inti is a popular sweet Nyonya Kuih. It is made of steamed glutinous rice with coconut milk and eaten with coconut filling. “Pulut” means glutinous rice and “Inti” means filling in Malay. To understand what is "Kueh or Kue or Kuih" - it is covered in one of one our heritage recipe called, Pulut Tai Tai.

This year's Mooncake festival falls on the 17th September 2024, and our good friend and baker Alice Foo, has generously shared her Pulut Inti Mooncake recipe with us here below, using one of our Mooncake moulds.

Pulut Inti is a very yummy asian dessert or kueh | My Blue Tea
Pulut Inti Mooncakes with Butterfly Pea and Pandan by Alice Foo

How to make Pulut Inti Mooncake ?


Ingredients for steamed glutinous rice: (Yields: 440 g)


Ingredients for gula Melaka coconut filling: (Yields: 170g)

  • 175g shredded coconut

  • 40 g gula Melaka (Coconut palm sugar)

  • 30 g dark brown sugar

  • 150ml  hot water

  • Cornstarch slake (1 tsp cornstarch + 1 tbsp water)



For steamed glutinous rice: 

1 Drain soaked glutinous rice. Add salt to thick coconut milk, mix well, then add to glutinous rice.

2 Steam glutinous rice over medium heat for 20 minutes. After steaming for 15 minutes, fluff the glutinous rice with chopsticks, then continue steaming for another 10 minutes.

3 After steaming for 20-30 minutes, separate the glutinous rice into half.  Sprinkle the first half with Butterfly Blue Pea powder and mix it well to give it a marble look.  The other half add Pandan Powder and mix evenly.

4 Set aside the steamed glutinous rice to cool (slightly cover to prevent it from drying).


Did you know our website has a treasure trove of accessories ie blenders, teapots, dessert cups specially crafted for Puddings, Teas, Coconut Shake, and Mooncakes? Dive in and discover these delightful finds!

Pulut Inti Mooncake Coconut Filling

Ingredients for Coconut Gula Melaka

*Shredded Coconut

*Palm Sugar

*1 pack Coconut milk powder


For Gula Melaka Coconut filling

1) Combine coconut palm sugar, dark brown sugar, hot water and 1 tspn Pandan powder in a saucepan, cook over medium heat until sugar fully dissolved.

2) ]Strain sugar syrup through a sieve into non-stick cooking pan, add in slaked cornstarch, mix well. Add in shredded coconut, mix until combined.

3) Cook over medium heat until the liquid has dried up. Set aside to cool.

Pulut Inti Mooncake to assemble

(1) Take 30g of glutinous rice and press into mooncake mould making a cavity, fill with 15g of Gula Melaka shredded coconut and cover with 10g of glutinous rice.

(2) Turn the mooncake mould over and press onto banana leaf.

There will be Mooncake demonstration and cooking class in Melbourne, end September 2024. Would you like to be involved? Stay tuned!

Traditional Kuih Pulut Inti

Pulut Tai Tai a peranakan dessert | My Blue Tea
Traditional Pulut Tai Tai

Kuih Pulut Inti - sticky and moist glutinous rice, topped with sweet aromatic coconut filling (inti) and wrapped in banana leaves is a classic Nyonya kuih enjoyed by many in Malaysia, Singapore and perhaps Indonesia.

This Pulut Inti mooncake option is great as banana leaves are not easily available locally, especially in winter. And Alice put a twist by adding a small banana leaf at the bottom of the mooncake.

Tea pairing with Mooncakes

Butterfly pea tea is good for diabetics | My Blue Tea
Butterfly Pea tea for overall wellness tea

The light, airiness of tea, coupled with its calm aroma is a wise choice for anyone indulging in mooncakes. The combinations are endless, but here are some tea pairings with mooncakes that bring out the best of both worlds. We recommend the following tea :-

(1) Oolong tea - Blue Goddess with Red bean mooncakes.

(2) Black tea with lotus mooncake and black tea is found in our Blue Myrtle tea.

(3) Butterfly Pea tea to pair with very sweet mooncake is good combo as Blue Tea may help to balance the "sugar" in mooncakes.

(4) Peppermint with Snowkin mooncake and peppermint is found in our Goodnight Sweet Dreams Blue Tea.

(5) Or try our 2 NEW Winter warming tea ie “Turmeric + Cinnamon Tea”, available in a pack containing 20 teabags This delightful & nutritious tea includes ginger and lemon for added flavour. Nootropics tea with "Lion's Mane Mushroom with Gingko Biloba + Gotu Kola" for Focus & Memory, comes in 15 teabags.

About Alice Foo :-

Bento is a Japanese box food and Alice published her first recipe book | MY Blue Tea
Alice's 1st publication "Bento Fun"

Born in the beautiful Malaysian town of Ipoh, Alice lived a well-travelled life. Trained as a graphic designer, she ventured to Singapore for work and later decided to pursue her studies in Australia. She later got married in Penang, and now settled in Melbourne with her family.

What started out as a hobby in baking, Alice ventured into selling customised cupcakes through an online store in 2006 which later grew into a lifelong passion to spread joy through baking and cooking. Inspired by her friends’ pictures of bento boxes they made for their kids, Alice started making her own children’s charaben (character) bento and published a book (Bento Fun) through MPH about her creations in 2016.

Despite living in different cities, Alice never lost her love for Asian cooking. Alice has focused her cooking and baking skills on recreating traditional Malaysian cuisine and developing simple and easy Asian dishes that she can whip up at home. Currently Alice is a recipes tester and photographer with a major Asian food importer in Melbourne.


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