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Loving the Flavours of Chef Josh

Updated: Jun 10

Chef Profile - Chef Josh

Josh’s passion for food and social connection is contagious. All you have to do is take a walk with Josh down a trendy Melbourne coffee strip and you’ll watch Josh work his magic, charming every person that he meets.

It was from this, that Flavours of Josh was born. Josh wanted to start a business where he could share his recipes with his community and begin connecting everyone through his love of food.

Creating accessible, easy, and healthy meals to share with his community is just the beginning. Josh’s dream for Flavours of Josh is to expand into the community, providing catering for weddings and functions, possibly even appearing on TV along guest judges from Master Chef! Josh also hopes to use his platform to connect his community through local events and cooking demonstrations. Watch this space! There will be plenty more from Flavours of Josh.

Flavours of Josh | My Blue Tea

Over the years, Josh’s experience of living in multiple cities around the world has fostered his passion for both community connection and cooking a diverse range cuisine. Josh explains that ‘When I first made dumplings in Hong Kong, that was when I felt inspired to become a cook. I liked how they could all look different and be different flavours. Curried dumplings are my favourite.’

Rewinding back the clocks, you will see Josh's food journey.

Joshua was born in 1991 in India. Even as a child he had a passion for food; enjoying Indian style baby food, rice dishes, and soft breads. In 1992 Josh and his family moved to Sydney where he continued his love for Indian foods but was also exposed to a lot of Australian style foods. For most of Josh’s early life he had a vegetarian diet, as he didn’t really enjoy eating meat as much.

In 1996 Josh moved to Singapore which exposed him to a lot of Singaporean/Asian food. By then, Josh’s tastes had evolved, and he loved chicken rice, bao buns and hadn’t lost his love for Indian foods.

Chef Josh making pandan bao

Josh was raised in a home that appreciated the value in home cooking using organic produce and whole foods with a focus on healthy meals.

By 2003 Josh and his family returned to Sydney where Josh maintained his love for Asian and Indian cuisine. He loved visiting India where his grandmother would spoil him with delicious breads, rice, and curries.

In 2009 Josh was on the move again moving with his family to Hong Kong. As a young man of 17, Josh began living a much more independent lifestyle, which allowed him to explore different style foods and flavours. It was in Hong Kong where he tasted Cantonese, Filipino and Chinese food. Josh loved experimenting with different flavours, but always remained loyal to his Indian heritage and healthy organic meals at home.

By 2017 Josh returned to Australia, basing himself with his family in Melbourne. Josh very much sought similar flavours but had developed a much more sophisticated palette.

Nowadays, outside of Flavours of Josh Youtube channel, Josh enjoys being a Front of House Employee - working across multiple cafes in Melbourne – CBD, Brighton, St Kilda, Abbotsford and more. He’s completed a Certificate in Hospitality and holds other relevant qualifications. He regularly hosts friends and family for meals and loves holding dinner parties.

Check out Chef Josh here:

Watch Chef Josh in action!

Chef Josh on December 2021

"I have just released my latest recipe, on my Flavours of Josh youtube channel; Cherry Cake. It has been a wonderful year, creating this community and being able to share with you some of my favourite dishes. I can't wait to continue building the Flavours of Josh community in the new year. To celebrate the festive season and welcome in a sweet new year for everyone, here is a sweet treat of a dish!"


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