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Pandan Pancakes Recipe

Spoil Mum with a delicious breakfast.

Anyone for an Egg-Free Pancake? Jump straight to recipe.

We saw this incredible Pandan Pancake on Pancake Day by Chef.Popo on Instagram and fell in love with it. Just imagine the gentle fragrance of pandan with the warm fluffiness of pancakes on a Sunday morning ... what's not to love!

Chef.Popo was more than ready to share her simple but delicious pancake recipe with us. These pandan pancakes are small and dainty, the perfect bite size and it's what we would call sustainable eating. It is suitable for our vegan friends too! So everyone is invited! Food always tastes better when shared.

And, with Mother's Day just round the corner, this is the perfect, simple recipe for you to make for mum's special breakfast in bed!

Mother's Day is a chance to celebrate everything our mothers do — a mother's love is where it all starts.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” — Abraham Lincoln


* 1 cup self-raising flour

* 1 cup coconut milk (you can use 1 pack Dehydrated Coconut Milk Powder and dissolve this in 1 cup of water)

* 50 g cooled melted butter


(1) Mix the above until combined - do not over mix.

(2) Add cooled butter.

(3) Let it stand for 10 mins.

(4) Add 1 ladle of batter onto a non stick pan on medium high heat. When bubble holes appear on the batter, flip. Pan fry till golden. Do the same for the rest of the batter.

(5) Top pancakes with luscious orange cream and honey.

Mothers will be delighted with this special breakfast made with love. Why not complement these beautiful pancakes with a cup of warm Blue Tea (and we have so many beautiful blends to choose from), or if you want a bit of adventure you can entice her with our latest Almond Coconut Latte - add a dash of Milo or cocoa powder, or if coffee is more your mother's cup of ´tea´, you can add one shot of espresso into the Almond Coconut Latte. After all, it is mother's special day, and she can have anything she wants!

Take a look at all these beautiful recipes from the amazing Chef.Popo aka Belinda.

Warning: The following images may cause over-activity in your salivary glands and excessive growling in the stomach...

We absolutely love, love, love Belinda. Her signature creative tweaks are easily recognisable in her beautiful creations. She shared with us her Jiaozi and her beautiful Har Har Siew / Sambal Prawns which we just can´t get enough of. They are simply perfectly cooked and your chopsticks won´t be able to stop reaching for one more, and another and why not have yet another for the road?

Belinda is amazed by the quality of My Blue Tea's Superfood Powders and Super Spices and she always has them well stocked in her pantry. As seen in the photos above, she made these beautiful Blue Pasta, Dragonfruit Valentine Yoghurt and Dragonfruit Cake with My Blue Tea's lovely powders.

Follow Chef Popo on her Instagram @chef.popo for more of her beautiful dishes!

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." - Theodore Hesburgh

Remember to make the most of My Blue Tea's Mother´s Day offer, valid till 2nd May, we have the following products with up to 30% off.

About Belinda

Belinda started cooking when she was about 9! Talk about starting young! And her creativity was already raring to go from the very start.

Her very first dish, 'Hairy Melon' was incredibly salty. She added everything she could find in the kitchen!

Fortunately, her older siblings “enjoyed” the dish which encouraged Belinda to continue cooking. As they say, a little appreciation goes a long way, and it was thanks to the motivation and support she got from her siblings that got her to try out another dish and another!

Belinda's style of cooking is intuitive or what some would call freestyling. This means she can and loves recreating her favourite restaurant dishes at home. The real treat and kick here is she not only makes the dishes taste similar or really close to what she had, but sometimes her version tastes even better!

She does a little dance when her husband loves it and gives it a thumbs up! Chefs love sharing the joy of their cooking with the people they love, and it's this two-way connection that gives her the spark to love what she does. When you create and serve a dish with love, whoever is lucky to be on the receiving end returns the appreciation two-fold!

Belinda's love for cooking goes beyond just creating the dishes themselves. She's also really into the photography and styling aspects of cooking and presenting dishes. It's one thing to make dishes taste good, and quite another skill to make them look good. Belinda has dedicated a lot of time to really get to know her food and learn about the aesthetic techniques of presenting them.

When she sees what she has created come to a lovely fruition, she feels very thankful for divine creativity. It's a blessing for her, and that blessing ultimately gets shared and passed on to the people around her. Sharing her creations, her knowledge and experience on her social media brings joy to her and her followers.

If you haven't seen Belinda's beautiful creations, get on to her Instagram now, and partake in a piece of the joy....and it may well inspire you to don that apron and whip up some creativity of your own!

Follow Chef.Popo here:


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