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My Blue Tea Cares about your Well Being

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Beat the COVID mood with My Blue Tea Care Package

Parts of Australia are under lockdown (again!?), but let's take advantage of the cooler weather and warm up by cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

Spend time together with your loved ones, while being apart. Why not host an online cook-off on Zoom or FaceTime? Or curate a collection of recipes and ask your friends to try one? And let your family know you're thinking of them with a care package from My Blue Tea.

Lockdown extended!? That's okay. We will extend our specials to match so you can enjoy some of our most popular and vibrant products to help brighten up what could otherwise seem like a very dull time.

Free Systema Gum Care Toothbrush with Every My Blue Tea Purchase

Extending our Care Package, My Blue Tea has collaborated with Systema AU and is giving away a FREE Systema Gum Care Toothbrush with every order. Yes, any item in every order!

The Systema Gum Care Toothbrush is a toothbrush for gum disease care with super-tapered bristles that thoroughly clean away grime and gum disease-causing plaque deep in the gingival sulcus.

Offer is good while stocks last.

One of our latest curry recipe

Our tastebuds are tingling away just thinking of this Ayam Rica Rica recipe. Braised or grilled, this is one unforgettable dish on the palate!

The Ayam Rica Rica dish is a typical North Sulawesi dish, better known as Manado. Rica means “spicy” in Manado. So Ayam Rica Rica means spicy chicken. This is usually served with warm white rice or you can serve it grilled accompanied by your favourite salad.

If you like spicy cuisine, then you must try this dish. If you are not wild about spices, don’t worry, you can adjust the spiciness level.

So cook up a storm and share with us your photos and delicious recipe.


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