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Our Very Own My Blue Tea Festival Trail

My Blue Tea Festival

The Sydney Tea Festival has been cancelled because of COVID-19. In the spirit of tea, while we are disappointed we are not able to meet and learn with other tea specialists, we are still finding ways to enjoy our teas.

Tea has always been the quiet, modest cousin of coffee and wine. The idea of having people come together to celebrate tea and enjoy partaking of tea is a dream come true for many tea lovers. That is why Sydney's annual Tea Festival at Carriageworks is something we look forward to at My Blue Tea every year. It has grown since 2014 to be the biggest tea gathering in Australia, attracting more than 80 stallholders and thousands of visitors.

So, hmmm, how about a My Blue Tea Festival?


We see many businesses facing obstacles or are a loss. Well, let's have tea first. Let's sit down and brew a big pot of blue tea. We calm our minds, feel our senses and bring some balance back to our thoughts. Nurturing our bodies with delicious tea is also a way to nurture our minds. We have experienced difficult periods and creativity has always been a powerful way to create possibilities and get us out of our disappointment rut.

Now we can start thinking - what can we do about this? It may sound contradictory, but it is the tough moments that drive us to keep going and as things are always changing, we are constantly inventing and experimenting with ideas to bring the enjoyment of blue tea to more people.

And so, after a few sips, we came up with the idea to organise our own Tea Festival to share all across the world! That's the way to continue spreading and sharing the joy and passion of tea across the world.

So let's take your cuppa of blue tea by storm and create a trail around the world with our very own My Blue Tea Festival!

Spread happiness by celebrating My Blue Tea Festival

My Blue Tea is shipping across the world and enjoyed by so many different nationalities and cultures. We are so delighted that anyone can partake a soothing cup of blue tea from wherever they are on the planet.

When we started My Blue Tea, our dream was for people all over the world to be able to get to know this beautiful butterfly pea plant and its benefits and enjoy the tea and food that can be made from it. Now we are seeing this dream really take root and grow.

My Blue Tea Festival wants to celebrate the people who are enjoying blue tea and share how they savour this tea, where and with whom. We are starting a Blue Tea Trail and we would like to have as many people as possible join us!

This is how our Blue Tea Trail works

  • Invite everyone to celebrate an occasion with your cuppa blue tea wherever you are in the world.

  • Take a photograph or video of where you are savouring your blue tea.

  • Post your photo and video on your social channel. Remember to hashtag #MyBlueTeaFestival and #MyBlueTea [add location or occassion] e.g. #MyBlueTea Sydney etc.

  • Alternatively, you can email your photo to

We are really excited and curious to see how our trail will develop and which parts of the planet it could lead us to!

This is us enjoying a cuppa of My Blue Tea at a farm in Bago Bluff. Some of the best walking trails are along the Bago Bluff National Park with breathtaking views of the Hastings Valley. Don’t forget to bring a flask of My Blue Tea to quench your thirst and satisfy the splendour.

Celebrate Blue Tea, Anywhere, Anytime

Blue tea does not require any special occasion - what we love about it is how versatile it is and it fits any occasion. It is quiet enough for a simple, cosy get-together, and it is also exotic and elegant enough to stand out at a more high-end celebration. You would be hard-pressed to find another tea that can thrive at being both simple and exquisite.

Blue Tea in itself is such a gorgeous natural product that it makes for a wonderful conversation starter on so many different occasions. It is something that will get people to sit up and get curious. And from that simple curiosity with someone, an amazing connection could grow from that and generate a story to be recounted over the years.

Blue Tea lends itself to spicing up so many occasions. Which one of these are you?

a) Hike away the Blues

Imagine planning a weekend hike with your partner and blue tea is what you prepared to enjoy together after a long walk. The simple act of pouring out blue tea would make it a hike to remember. Take a photo and share with us the amazing nature around you with blue tea there to add to its beauty.

b) Yes, I do!

Are you planning a wedding or someone you know is lost for ideas? What about a blue-themed wedding where blue tea is one of the elements there to grace the dinner table or an afternoon cocktail? Just be careful it does not steal the limelight from the bride! We would love to see a bridal bouquet with sprigs of our clitoria ternatea flower! The intense deep blue of the petals will really stand out among the white of the gown. Anyone at that wedding would be hoping to catch the bridal bouquet, not to be next to walk down the aisle, but to get to take home the gorgeous flowers.

c) Home Sweet Home

Perhaps someone has a housewarming party coming up where blue is one of the main or complementary colours in the new place, then serving a few rounds of blue tea could really get the guests remembering this party (and house!) for a long time to come.

This is Chris enjoying a cuppa of My Blue Tea at Koree Island, Beechwood. A great picnic secret spot that we would like to share with those who love the great Australian outdoors.

Whatever the occasion, we would love to see it and experience it with you. Share your blue tea experiences and watch how our trail takes shape along the way! Come journey with My Blue Tea during our Tea Festival and who knows, you may even meet some long lost friends as you follow our trails!

Our Growing Connections

Much of what we do at My Blue Tea is about connecting with people. We do it via our love for blue tea and healthy, nature-respecting foods. Where we are physically located, we have the opportunity to have face-to-face experiences with our customers and collaborators, and we also have the possibility to connect virtually with everyone around the world. We feel rich with the extension of our connection and forming new connections with people who share our passion for blue tea or who are new and curious about blue tea.

What we have goes beyond a humble packet of blue tea leaves. We love sharing what this beautiful blue plant and other equally delicious and healthy superfoods can do to nourish the body and soul.

We invite you to walk with My Blue Tea, and share your journey, experiences and stories from all over the world.

Right now we are just putting another pot on the stove, and waiting to listen to each and every one of your stories.

Relaxing with a cuppa Blue Tea in Darwin with Abbey - this is where the idea of My Blue Tea Festival Trail was born.

Did you know that Darwin holds the largest Laksa Festival annually "Darwin International Laksa Festival" - a four-week long laksa trail and an award the ‘Golden Bowl’ to the best Laksa

A cuppa Blue Tea after a bowl of Laksa is so delicious and helps cool you down from the spiciness.

My Blue Tea is tailing around Spain too. Yann Tyng was kind enough to share her Blue Tea experience at home in Madrid. Thank you so much!

It's your turn to share your photos via our Facebook or Instagram. Otherwise, simply email your photos to

Closer to home, our friends are having blue tea at Sancrox.

Once again, this is how our Blue Tea Trail works

  • Invite everyone to celebrate an occasion with your cuppa blue tea wherever you are in the world.

  • Take a photograph or video of where you are savouring your blue tea.

  • Post on your social media channels and hashtag #MyBlueTeaFestival and #MyBlueTea [add location or occassion] e.g. #MyBlueTea Sydney etc.

  • Alternatively, you can email us your photos and videos at

  • Enjoy My Blue Tea festival.


My Blue Tea is a company based in Australia that offers unique superfoods.

Signature product: powders, extracts and tea made from Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers or scientifically referred to as the Clitoria Ternatea.

Other products: these include a range of powders, extracts and tea from Pandanus, Roselle, Torch Ginger, Purple Sweet Potato, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Durian, Jackfruit and many other exotic plant and fruit.

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