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Pandan Ice Cream

This one very easy Pandan Ice Cream and budget friendly with My Blue Tea's pandan powder. No more headache and heartache trying to grow pandan and did you know in 50 grams of Pandan Powder - there is >170 fresh Pandan leaves? That equals to about 11 packs of frozen pandan leaves which........ you could free your freezer space from keeping frozen pandan and durian ice cream - NOT pandan leaves.



(1) Put all ingredients into a mixer (hand or stand mixer is fine).

(2) Mix until soft peak with ribbons.

(3) Put into container using a spatula (don't waste any bit!) and let it sit for 6 hours in the freezer.

(4) This recipe yield about 500ml to 600ml (maybe more) of Pandan Ice Cream. Enjoy!


(1) You may substitute pandan powder with our other superfood powders below:

Can't resist ice cream even if its winter. We have from top left Blue Butterfly ice cream by Blue Cow Gelato, Durian Ice cream by Chef.Popo in Goulbourne, Purple Sweet Potato Ice cream by...... in Sunshine Coast.... Pandan Chocolate Chips Ice cream from us and Blue Apple Magic Gelato by in Jakarta

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