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Creative Twists for Making the Perfect Pandan Mantou

Updated: 4 days ago

What is the difference between Mantao and Buns/Pao ?

Mantou, often referred to as Chinese steamed bun, is a white and soft type of steamed bread or bun popular in northern China. This pillowy steamed bun (Mantou) is like eating a soft cloud. Filled with any savoury ingredients you like and tangy pickled celery, it's unbelievably tasty, like heaven on earth. Or make it sweet with red bean, black sesame or butternut squash which is our recipe contributed by Tina Chua of Tina Chua Termomix with Pandan powder in the Pandan Mantou..

Mantao is Chinese steamed buns and originated in China. Now with Pandan twist | My Blue Tea
Pandan Mantou or Pandan Buns/Pao
Most commonly prepared steamed and plain, mantou can also be deep fried, dunked in condensed milk, and filled, though today, Chinese mantou are typically unfilled Bao giving you the choice to fill it with either savoury or sweet fillings yourselves.

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Pandan Mantao / Steamed Buns recipe courtesy of Tina

"I love how I can quickly whip up Mantou (bao) with leftover lotus filling that I wanted to finish up.

Since the lotus nut was a pale yellow, I added 2 teaspoons of My Blue Tea pure Pandan Powder to dough recipe and a lovely light green emerged with speckles of Pandan fibre.

With ingredients this good and my Thermomix to help, fridge clearout becomes another edible masterpiece to share. This Pandan Mantou is so fragrant.

If you are after ingredients for Malaysian cooking, I recommend . I get my pure Butterfly Pea powder food colouring and other ingredients here.

Do you love cooking? Contact me, Tina Chua about Thermomix demo to see how I use it for my cooking. Tina, is an Independent Themomix consultant for 7+years & owner, love to help homes make yummy healthy food.

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Pandan Mantou Recipe - some tips.

Mantou flour is medium protein. Many Asian grocers carry this specific flour, otherwise it is 90% plain flour 10% corn starch. I used this ratio from Annie Xavier's BBQ pork bao recipe.

Pandan Mantao Bao recipe:

*130g water

*20g sugar

*20g oil (light flavour)

*1.5 tsp instant yeast

*260g Bao flour (240g wheat, 20g corn starch)

*1/4 tsp salt


(1) Add water, sugar oil and yeast mix 2min 37deg speed 1.

(2) Add flour and salt, mix 10 sec speed 6, knead 2 min.

(3) Shape immediately and let it rise to almost double before steaming with hot water for 8min, Varoma, speed 1. (Leave bao in Varoma for 2min after steaming to maintain fluffy texture)

(4) Or if you have Cookidoo, you can use this recipe.

(5) Look at this delicious recipe on Cookidoo®: Pandan Mantou Buns with Butternut Squash Soup (TM6 Metric)

Bamboo tea with silica is good for your hair, nails and heart | My Blue Tea
Bamboo Tea Infusion

Try our Bamboo + Pandan leaf tea - now comes in loose leaf packs.

What's in it: Bamboo leaves contains 70% organic silica, an ingredient known to improve skin elasticity, teeth health, muscle tissue, heart health, nails and hair growth. Pandan leaves have natural antiseptic benefits more on the benefit section on Pandan.


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