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Wishing you Good Health, Wealth & Prosperity

It's the Year of the Pig, the last zodiac in this cycle

Soon on the 5th of February, across Asia, people in countries like Malaysia, China, Singapore, Korea, and Vietnam are busy with preparations to ring in the Lunar New Year. Asian migrants in Australia and anywhere else in the world will also uphold some Chinese New Year traditions.

Blue Latte | Butterfly Pea | My Blue Tea

Piggy Blue Latte made from our special Blue Latte Mix made from Butterfly Pea flowers or commonly known as Bunga Telang; Shankpushpi or Clitoria Ternatea. Just mix the powder into your milk. Buy them here -

There’s much to be done – spring cleaning to start the year fresh and on a clean slate, stocking up on groceries like rice, cooking oil, sugar and salt (a well stocked kitchen is a symbol of abundance for the year) and connecting and fostering relationships with family and friends whom we may have neglected in our busy lives.

In the Chinese zodiac, each year is associated with a different animal (it is a 12-animal cycle) who brings its own energy, vibes and unique attributes for that year. On February 5, we begin the new Year of the Pig, one of carefree fun, good fortune, honest, trusting and fun. We believe that it will be a great year to deepen partnerships and strengthen collaborations.

Businesses can thrive if they work on opportunities to build good relationships with customers, be brave, be happy and maintain trust with key stakeholders.

Pig | Chinese New Year | BLUE TEA | SWEET POTATO

Purple Sweet Potato Latte - a Flying Pig Purple Sweet Potato Latte for Chinese New Year

May your year be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous. To do this mix a little Purple Sweet Potato Powder into your milk or drink. You can buy this here -


MY BLUE TEA is looking forward to the Year of the Pig.

We will enter into a new partnership and collaboration with a well known European brand who has been in Asia since 1892. Together, we will roll out 3 new recipes for Chinese New Year, so be sure to get your apron ready.

We are on the look out for passionate Chefs or Home Cooks who like to be featured with us using our all natural plant based powders for sweet or savoury dishes - or anything you can create. Your imagination is your limit! Please contact us!

And the collaboration may not just be limited to cooking as we have made a lot of progress with the Blue Beauty now growing in abundance in our farm; some clients use both Pandan Powder and Blue Butterfly Pea Powder to make bath bombs and bath salts/sugars and another have created her range of organic cleaning soaps with different colours. Organic cleaning materials are technically not allowed to use synthetic colour and they are basically "colourless".

We have ramped up our farm and will be installing a new greenhouse to continue giving you beautiful Clitoria Ternatea or Butterfly Pea flowers from our farm. And a few more projects in our pipeline, just make sure you subscribe and share our Blue Blog for recipes and updates to your loved ones.

Butterfly Pea | Blue Tea | MY BLUE TEA

Blue Herbal Tea - best seller

Blue isn't the colour for Chinese New Year but a client, a doctor purchased all our Blue Herbal Tea as CNY gifts for her clients. Good Blue Herbal Tea are meant to be shared - whatever colour or custom!

So this is sold out at the moment but you can try our special tea blend collection here -

Together with you, we can all prosper. The Year of the Pig is definitely not one of procrastination, so let's go full steam ahead and cook a storm to be healthy and wealthy!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 恭喜发财**!

**Wishing you good luck and prosperity

Credit to Vermilion Pinstripes, a full service integrated sales marketing and communications agency based in Australia and Singapore who help small businesses and B2B companies build business confidence.

New South Wales, Australia: t/ +614 0777 9828

Melbourne, Victoria: t/ +6144 950 1277

Singapore: t/ +65 9681 7045

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