This fragrant Pandan Latte Blend is Freeze Dried Pandanus Powder with a natural sweetness and lovely fragrance. Great for lattes, cooking and baking. 


Using a slightly different freeze-dried manufacturing process, we made this Pandan Powder totally soluble. So you can make any drink or food easily. Pandan is great for any food, dessert or drinks like smoothies, ice-cream, and latte. This Southeast Asian plant adds a unique fragrance and natural sweetness to the dish and of course, Pandan is good for you!


Read more about Pandan benefits.


Nigella Lawson announces that Pandan will take wave over Matcha and Avocado. That's superb for those who love the vegetarian diet. (Nigella Lucy Lawson is an English journalist, broadcaster, television personality, gourmet, and food writer. She is the daughter of Nigel Lawson, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Vanessa Lawson, whose family owned the J. Lyons and Co. food and catering business.)


The fragrance is too yum!

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Pandan Latte Blend - 1kg pack

  • For more information about Pandan Powder, please refer to this page > 

  • A summary of the benefits of Pandan Leaves:

    • Relieves headache and arthritis
    • Treats ear pains
    • Eases chest pains
    • Reduces fever
    • Treats wounds
    • For gout
    • Solve several skin problems
    • Strengthen gums
    • Reduces stomach spasms
    • Helps in speeding in the recuperation of women who have just given birth and are still weak.

    Read more about Pandan benefits.


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