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You'll love My Blue Tea

Blue Butterfly Lemonade


Step 1: Create one gallon of blue butterfly tea in a glass container by adding 1/2 tsp blue butterfly pea powder to 1 gallon of water. If you prefer a darker blue tea, you can use up to 1 tsp of powder. (For optimal mixing, add 1/4 tsp blue butterfly powder into 1 cup of cold water first. Stir well. Then, pour the mixture through a strainer into the gallon of water.)

Step 2: Pour 1 cup of blue butterfly tea into a glass.

Step 3: Create color-changing Lemon Mixture in a separate small glass container.

To the small glass container, add:

· 5 tsp Lemon Juice

· 2 teaspoons Honey or Rice Sugar (Be sure to use a light colored honey. Darker honeys will cause your final drink to turn purple, rather than pink. Black honeys will cause your final drink to turn grey, rather than pink.)

· For minty taste - add a few mint leaves (or in Malaysia - we normally steep it with Pandan leaves for the aromatic flavour)

. Add chia seeds for fibre you want in you

· Pinch of Icelandic or Himalayan Salt

Stir well.

Step 4: Slowly pour the Lemon Mixture into the glass of blue tea and watch the colors change before your eyes.

Blue Butterfly Lemonade Recipe

Pro Tip 1: For extra style points, freeze some blue butterfly tea into ice cubes before creating your Blue Butterfly Lemonade. Before you pour in the Lemon Mixture, add one blue butterfly ice cube to the blue butterfly tea. The icy blue orb hovering in the centre of the carnation pink liquid is nothing short of stunning.

Stay Tune for more Pro Tips with our Blue Butterfly Powder.

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