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Christmassy Pandan Coconut Cake

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

White Christmas with this delicious Pandan Coconut Cake and sprinkle with Hawaiian Toasted Coconut Chips definitely for Coconut Lovers

Can you believe it's less than 100 days to Christmas and we've got this recipe for you giving you plenty of time to try it before Christmas.

We also have Karen @penanggirlinmelbourne who made this Pandan Gingerman shared with us 3 weeks ago. Stay tuned for the recipe.

Pandan Coconut Cake


*6 eggs yolks (about 60gm each)

*70g corn oil

*100g plain sifted flour

*Pinch of salt

*2 packs x 25g Coconut Milk (MBT DCM Coconut Milk Powder (50g+30g water)

*6 eggs whites

*100g sugar


*1 cup whipping cream + 1pkt/25g DCM Coconut Milk Powder

*30gm Icing sugar

*Whipped frosting till firm peaks)

Topping:- (optional but recommended)

*1 big tbsp Coconut Chips (sprinkle on top and in between the layers of cake)

Pandan | Coconut | Blue Tea | Cake
Pandan Coconut Cake with Gula Melaka layer with Hawaiian Toasted Coconut Chips


*Fresh shredded Coconut + pinch of salt and steam for 5 minutes.

*Cool at room temperature.

*Line the base of a 7″ round pan.

*Do not grease the sides of the pan.

*Optional Toppings & Ingredients suggestions below


  1. Prepare Coconut Milk – MBT - DCM Coconut Milk Powder 50g with 30g water, shake and leave on countertop for up to 2 hours or in the fridge overnight before use.

  2. Mix Oil with flour & 1 pkt MBT- DCM Coconut Milk Powder 25g (Optional) and stir with a whisk until smooth.

  3. Add in the Coconut milk (Item 1) and Pandan powder & Pandan Liquid extract and stir to combine. At this stage, the batter will become thick and lumpy.

  4. Add in egg yolks and whisk with a hand whisk until the batter is smooth and runny again. Set aside.

  5. Beat the egg whites until foamy then gradually add sugar, beat until firm peaks form.

  6. Add 1/3 of the meringue into the yolk batter and use the hand whisk to mix until combined. Add the next 1/3 portion and whisk again. Finally, add the last portion, and whisk again. Then use a spatula to scoop the batter from the bottom and fold on to the batter to make sure all are combined and no more yolk batter can be seen. Be gentle and do not over-mix.

  7. Pour into prepared pan and bake in the water bath at 190C for 15 minutes before lowering to 145C for another hour or until the cake bounces back when you lightly press the top.

  8. Remove from oven and leave it for a couple of minutes before unmoulding

  9. Frost & decorate with fresh shredded coconut (I steamed the fresh coconut with salt for 5 minutes used at room temperature.

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For this Pandan Coconut Cake you can combine it with other ingredients such as Cooked Red bean with the Palm Sugar or if you like you can swap shredded coconut. If you dare you can add some of our Cooked Black Boba on top of this yummy Pandan Coconut Cake.

Be creative and get some of our toppings for your Coconut Shakes, ice cream, gelatos, bubble tea and baking.


Hawaiian Toasted Coconut Chips are also yummy on Rendang (used as "kerisik")

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