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Pandan Kuih Kaswi or Kosui Recipe

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Kuih kosui, also known as kuih lompang, is a traditional Malaysian kuih from Peranakan cuisine. The kuih is a steamed rice cake made with tapioca flour and rice flour flavoured with palm sugar and Pandan, and eaten with grated coconut. It bears resemblance to the Burmese Mont kywe the and Filipino Kutsinta.

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Recipe for Pandan Kueh Kaswi


*2 cups all purpose flour *1 cup tapioca starch *1 cup sugar *3 cups water *1 tbsp Pandan leaf powder OR

Tip: To get a darker green colour, you can steep Pandan powder

in hot water and sieve 2x (optional) to remove the residue which is just bits of extra fibres from the pandan leaf.

*1-2 tspn Pandan leaf liquid (For natural green colour)

To coat: *1/2 cup grated coconut *1 tb salt

Scroll through the photos for all the yummy Pandan Powder and Pandan Liquid food you can create! Our amazing chefs have made (1) Pandan Roti Jala with our Meat Curry base Chicken Curry (2) Pandan Marie Biscuit (3) Pandan Popiah Snowy (using wonton skins) and (4) Pandan Hup Seng Layered cake (Hup Seng is a cream cracker similar to Jacobs).


1. Preparation. Grease/line a loaf pan. Heat up a steamer. Add 1/2 tsp salt into shredded coconut and put on a steaming tray/plate.

2. Combine flour, rice flour and tapioca flour together with water. Stir until it becomes a slurry. Sieve to remove all lumps. Add Pandan Liquid into slurry and simmer in low heat until slurry thickens into a thick batter.

3. Pour batter into mould. Put the batter and shredded coconut into steamer. Steam for 25 mins in medium high heat.

4. Remove and cool completely and spread the shredded coconut to serve.

Let's watch how to make Kueh Kaswi video on MyBlueTea's YouTube Channel or website TV Channel.


(1) The kuih should be cooked when all the batter turns darker green and does not stick to your skewer.

(2) Traditionally it's Kuih Kosui with Gula Melaka i.e. Palm Sugar and the batter is usually steamed in small Chinese cups, and the cakes are traditionally served topped with freshly grated coconut.

Why not try these gorgeous drinks to accompany you whilst enjoying your Pandan Kaswi?

Perfect with a cup of Durian Espresso Latte (+ Ice Cream added for fun!) or Pandan Latte + Espresso or Coffee with Coconut Milk (using our dehydrated coconut milk as the "creamer milk"). Enjoy!

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