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Happy Father's Day

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

My Blue Tea Father's Day Contest

Dads now are very different. I'm comparing to my Dad who was born in 1921. Dads now change nappies, take babies for walks in strollers and cook for the family. They are very involved and so dependable with everyday things around the house. No matter which generation you are from, Dads are always special.

My Blue Tea ran a Father's Day contest recently and received some very heartfelt wishes for their Dads.

Some fathers are spending more time at home during this COVID-19 pandemic. It presents more father and child bonding opportunities.

Some have Dads who do not live with them and for them, this is hard especially when travel is restricted due to lockdowns. Luckily we have Zoom and Face Time!

About your Dad

We like to thank each and everyone who submitted their entries. Here are some of our favourite things you say about your Dad.

Winners have Tea

We have selected our winners and their Dads will be receiving either Just Blue Tea packs or Blue Chocolate Tea packs. Will you send us a photo of your Dad enjoying his blue tea? Please send photos to

(1) Robin RaNa

(2) Emily Matsumoto

(3) Bob Lee /May Lee

(4) Fong Truong

(5) Janice Athens

(6) Janelle Chew

(7) Tash March

(8) Cait O’Reilly

(9) Alcie Intan

(10) Hoa Au

(11) Janis Chapman

(12) Emily Leung

(13) Shin Morgan

(14) Les

(15) Angeline Tan

(16) Sophie Gita

(17) Pam Hor

(18) Natasha Maredev

(19) Belle Flowers

(20) Ash

Congratulations to all our winners.

Lots of love to you and Dads.

My Blue Tea

Now join us on our Blue Tea Trail.


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