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Nasi Lemak Cookie Recipe

Updated: Mar 2

Woah you can actually 'Nasi Lemak' anything!?

Yes, you can! 'Nasi Lemak' is practically a verb in our culinary world! We 'Nasi Lemak' everything. It's not just the national dish of Malaysia . We have created anything from a Nasi Lemak Cake to a Nasi Lemak Costume worn by Ms Malaysia in the Ms Universe Pageant! Chef Sabrina gave us Nasi Lemak Cupcakes and today we share with you these delectable Nasi Lemak Cookies!

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Chefs love a culinary challenge, so we challenged one of our chefs affectionately known as Catherine the Great to create Nasi Lemak Cookies, Catherine-style, of course! With just 4 days to Lunar New Year, this recipe is fresh from the oven! Take these last few days of the old Tiger year to make these savoury cookies and welcome the Rabbit!

Nasi Lemak should I describe them? It has complex layers of seasoning. The fragrance reminds me of an exotic blend of coconut, coconut milk and "hae bee hiam" (spicy dried shrimp sambal). The ikan bilis and peanuts are particularly striking in its finish and is so addictive! - Chef Catherine



*225g All Purpose flour

*120g Castor sugar (optional)

*1 tspn Baking soda

*1/4 tspn Salt

*90g Butter

*1 Egg wash

*15g Anchovies

*30g Crushed peanuts for decoration


(1) Preheat oven to 170C. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

(2) Cream the butter with sugar until light and fluffy.

(3) Sift flour, sambal tumis powder and add in baking soda and dehydrated coconut powder.

(4) Mix the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and knead into a dough.

(5) Put the dough in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

(6) Shape into little balls (10-12g) and place them on baking paper, than press them down slightly with your palm to make a coin shape or use a cookie cutter to create the patterns you desire.

(7) Egg wash the cookies then press roasted peanut and fried anchovy into the centre of each cookie.

(8) Bake at 15-20mins or until cookies turn light brown.

(6) Let it cool and serve before storing them in an airtight container.

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Have a go at baking these and let us know how you go!

Catherine has it all covered for you - cookies and cakes for all seasons - Lunar New Year Dragonfruit Cake, Durian Christmas Cookies and Raya Green Curry Mousse Cake. All recipes are available online.

About Catherine

Nasi Lemak Cookies
Cookie | Nasi Lemak Cookies | Chinese New Year

Thank you Catherine for another beautiful recipe! Catherine has been sharing a lot of recipes along with beautiful photos of her creations. She considers herself to be someone who loves baking and not so good a cook. Catherine works as a specialist psychologist during the week and enjoys baking over the weekend. She sees baking as an extremely healthy and healing activity as it helps calm the senses and restore the mind and spirit, not to mention it absolutely delights the stomach as well!

Catherine has contributed quite a few recipes containing our Superfood Powders and the most shared and viewed is her Blue Butterfly Mochi recipe. That is one recipe you'd really want to sink your teeth into! Another beautiful recipe for you to try is her Durian and Pandan Crepe. She is clearly not shying away from fruits that have very strong flavours!

Catherine has contributed a lot to our baking community. Quite a few small businesses are selling her creations such as Pandan Ondeh Ondeh Cookies and Pandan Ondeh Ondeh cupcakes, Pandan Gula Melaka Swissroll and Pandan Cendol Cake. Clearly another Pandan Addict!! Join the club!

Follow Catherine on her Instagram for inspiration and ideas:

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We will be rolling out a lot of recipes and other fun stuff so keep a lookout!




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