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You'll love My Blue Tea

Pandan Kueh Talam using pure Pandan Liquid Extract

Please refer to our Kueh Talam recipe using Pandan Powder for some information on Kueh and Kueh Talam. One of the most sought after kueh/cake by local Aussies in all our functions and events.

Now let's make Kueh Talam, this time using My Blue Tea Pandan Liquid Extract


*180g rice flour

*30g green bean starch

*750ml water

*30 ml Pandan Liquid Extract (you have option to use

more if you prefer stronger flavour and colour)

*1 tsp Alkaline water

*250g Sugar


*300ml Coconut Milk / 2 sachets Coconut milk powder (dilute in 300ml water)

*45g Rice flour

*25g Cornstarch

*150g Water

*1 tsp Salt

*20g Sugar


Mix all ingredients and strain in a pot. Cook at low heat till lightly thickens. Immediately remove from heat and continue to stir for a short while. Pour mixture in a 9" steaming tray and steam at high heat for 30 minutes.


(1) Mix all ingredients and strain into a pot. Cook at low heat till lightly thick. Immediately remove from heat and continue to stir for a short while.

(2) Pour onto the steamed bottom layer and steam for 15-20 minutes till well cooked.

(3) Remove, leave Kueh Talam to cool before serving.

(4) Enjoy with a warm Blue Tea add Pandan, lemongrass and ginger.

If you don't feel like baking it yourself which sometimes takes awhile to master and it's tedious, you can order from our friends.

On the left is Kueh Talam on top of Kueh Serimuka by Cocobites in Melbourne. Ruth made out of this world Kueh creation and you should also try her Jackfruit Pandan Kueh Sago.

Go ahead grab one to try for Birthdays, Weddings and Christmas.

On the right is our Dayak Beauty Elizabeth from Sarawak. She bakes and sells in Perth. Check her out on Facebook - MadewithloveLizabeth. She has some Kueh Kueh like Pandan Ondeh-ondeh, Pandan Kueh Dadar, Pandan Kueh Lapis and her signature Pandan Ondeh Ondeh cakes. Click the link to their Page and give them a hoy! You must try out her Savoury Sambal Peanut cookies - perfect for any occasion ie Deepavali, Christmas and Lunar New Year is just in February 2024.

We found this bit fascinating - Kueh Talam Sago Pandan by Cheffery's Kitchen in Adelaide and here's what he has to say indeed a "lost kuih" :-

"Kuih Sago Talam, my mum's favourite kuih. Pandan flavoured sago with coconut

Gluten free and vegan, steam not bake.

It is also named "lost kuih" as my mum said you can never find it in the market anymore!"


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