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New Coconut Superfoods from My Blue Tea

Do you recall the droning of a coconut grating machine in small grocery shops from our childhoods? And the light, fluffy bits of grated coconut that look like you could play snowball with them?

Coconut is a humble and well-loved fruit. On its own, you can eat its minimalist white flesh or sip its refreshing thirst-quenching coconut water. That's enough to make you imagine you're somewhere in the Caribbean, relaxing on the beach in your shades and bikinis.

Coconut is the Versatile Must-Have in your Pantry

Coconut is not just packed with health benefits but is also a highly versatile ingredient in both savoury and sweet cooking. When you use coconut or coconut-derived ingredients in savoury foods, it gives the dish a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. It's essentially one of those must-haves in the pantry of any self-respecting cook. Its rich and creamy flavour and texture gives dishes just the right boost in the direction it needs. It can also be turned into sugar, butter and cream! Basically, it's unique and exotic taste, smell and texture has been enchanting cooks and chefs from all over and you can probably find coconut not only in your kitchen but also in 101 other healthcare products. So when you're not ingesting a coconut product, you're probably putting some on your skin or hair to make them glowingly healthy!

My Blue Tea is going (coco)nuts over these rich and creamy new products!

My Blue Tea is naturally nuts about coconut, and we have been wanting to boost our range of superfoods with this royal queen of ingredients for quite some time now.

We are introducing various Superfood coconut powder products, so get your creative (and coconut) juices ready to experiment!

*If you own a café or restaurant, you can also apply for a trade account with us.

Our new Coconut Superfood Products

  1. Coconut Powder (dehydrated)

  2. Matcha Coconut Latte

  3. Almond Coconut Latte (launching end 2021)

  4. Nasi Lemak Coconut Premix

There will be more exciting Superfood Coconut powders to come in the future so continue to keep a lookout on our website and social media.

Here's what you can do with My Blue Tea Coconut Superfood

From deliciously creamy soups and curries to mouth-watering gelato and ice creams. Both coconut milk and coconut cream can be added to a wide variety of food products and beverages. Here are just some examples to whet your appetite:

Sweet foods

  • Gelato

  • Ice creams

  • Iced drinks

  • Smoothies

  • Puddings

  • Sauces

  • Cakes

  • Muffins

  • Cookies

Savoury foods

  • Soups

  • Curries

  • Dips and sauces

Incorporating Coconut into your Diet

If you can get a fresh coconut that would be heavenly, otherwise our Dehydrated Coconut Milk Powder is a great solution too.

When you walk into an Asian grocery store or specialty markets, you have probably seen both brown and green coconuts. They’re actually the same variety, and they just differ in terms of maturity. Green coconuts are younger and have more juice than flesh. The brown ones are fully mature and have more flesh than juice.

To choose the best coconut, unless you have a monkey expert on hand to help you, otherwise, find one that feels heavy for its size. Next thing to do is to shake the coconut. Yes, you've read this right. Bring the fruit up to your ear and don't be shy. Give it a good shake and listen for the liquid inside. It's also best to avoid coconuts with cracks.

If you are new to the fruit, be warned that it can take a lot of work (and a bit of practised skill) to extract coconut flesh from the whole coconut. This is why it is more convenient to buy either freshly shredded, or dried and shredded coconut flesh. The flesh is what we use to make coconut milk, the creamy white liquid. The juice inside the coconut (coconut water) can be drunk as it is.

Benefits of coconut

How to Enjoy Coconut

  • Scrape off the coconut flesh with a spoon and eat it as it is.

  • Add coconut milk to curries and sauces.

  • Use coconut milk or coconut dehydrated powder in desserts.

  • Add grated coconut flesh to pastries.

  • Coconut milk or coconut powder gives smoothies, juices and lattes a good boost.

  • Take your hot beverages and baked goods with some coconut sugar.

  • Toasted coconut flakes are a delight when added to a trail mix or used as topping for desserts.

Coconut Partnership

My Blue Tea is working with the Coconut Queen, who was the first to develop coconut powder for and with Kara-Coconut. Kara is now a well-known brand. It is a coconut specialist brand with plantations in Indonesia where they carefully handpick fresh coconuts to make a variety of coconut products. With the Coconut Queen as our partner, we are confident coconut is the way to go and we can't wait to get cooking! And of course, the best part is sampling every single dish!


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