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Puteri Ayu dessert recipe fit for a Princess and the Queen

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A new take on Puteri Ayu for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

This year, we celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will become the first Australian Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service.

Flashback: 70 years ago, at about 3pm on February 5, 1952, Victoria Arbiter, a Princess became Queen.

Queen Elizabeth | Queen Jubilee | Dessert
25-year-old Princess Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip arrived at Treetops Hotel in the heart of Kenya's Aberdare National Park

This delightful dessert has a name as pretty as its taste. Puteri means ´princess´ and ayu means ´pretty´.

Pandan Puteri Ayu was first published in 2017. To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we added extra flavours and colours which include Purple Sweet Potato, Jackfruit and Durian Latte blends plus Roselle or Dragonfruit Powders.

Puteri Ayu is a traditional Malay and Indonesian dessert with a sponge like texture and flavoured with Pandan and coconut cream or white coconut topping. It’s a delicious kuih, fragrant with Pandan and with a lovely light, moist texture and spongy. Yum! This kuih is normally steamed in small plastic moulds which you can get from night markets in Asia. Buy as many moulds as you can fill in your steamer so that you steam many kuihs at any one time. The kuih comes in many flavours nowadays and keeps extremely well in the freezer if you have made a large batch.

As the Queen loves yellow, we have created a "Yellow Puteri Ayu" version to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee with the beautiful flavours of Durian and Jackfruit.

Recipe for Puteri Ayu (makes 15 cupcakes)



1 cup freshly grated coconut

1 tsp cornflour

A pinch of salt


1 large egg

70 gm caster sugar

(if you are using Latte blends - reduce sugar by half about 35 grams)

90 gm plain flour

1 tsp tapioca flour

½ tsp ovellete

Optional Flavours and Colours:

(1) 1.5 tsp - Pure Pandan Powder (add ½ tsp water to make it into paste)

You have 2 options to steam the coconut with the cake or steam just the cake and sprinkle shredded coconut over the top.



(1) Lightly brush some cooking oil into the cupcakes mould.

(2) Combine grated coconut, cornflour and salt. Mix well.

(3) Scoop a tsp of grated coconut into each mould.

(4) Use another mould to compress the coconut layer tightly.


(1) Sieve plain and tapioca flour. Set it aside. Use an electric mixer to whisk the egg and sugar till smooth.

(2) Add ovellete and whisk till fluffy.

(3) Add in Pandan paste (or the flavour you have chosen) and mix it well.

(4) Adjust mixer to low speed, add coconut cream and flour (alternate) and combine well.

(5) Pour the batter into the moulds. Steam those cupcakes on high heat for 13 minutes.

(6) Hold the mould and gently squeeze the sides to remove the cakes. Serve immediately.

Have fun making them!

Serve with a warm cup of hot Blue Tea or Roselle Chai Tea (+ Blue Inspiration blend) or Blue Herbal tea with ginger and lemongrass to keep you warm. YUM!!



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