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Roselle Hibiscus Salad Dressing

Roselle Hibiscus, the "prodigal child" that we have not publish much recipes.... but watch this space........

Roselle Hibiscus produces attractive foliage and flowers and will reach a height of about 7 feet. Many parts of the plant, including the seeds, leaves, fruits, and roots, are used medicinally or in foods. The leaves are lobed and reddish-green and can be used as a cooked green or added raw for a nice "zing" to a salad. Roselle has a little "sourish" flavour and it is great as a "sauce" for salads and as spread. It's very pretty too

It's OFFICIALLY Summer 2023 and given the heat of the summer, Salads are such an easy way to eat light, energizing food that gives our bodies a hit of all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Roselle is a little "sour" and maybe able to substitute for if you would like some vinegar, vinaigrette, lemons etc which is why we are giving you this Roselle Hibiscus salad dressing recipe with a tinge of beautiful pink colour but you create your 50 Shades of Pink or "Black Pink" with added black garlic.

Roselle Hibiscus Salad Dressing so pretty  | My Blue Tea
Roselle Hibiscus Salad Dressing, so Pink

How to make Roselle Hibiscus Salad dressing?


*2 tspn Roselle powder (dilute in a bit of water)

*300g Mayonnaise

*90g Sweetened Condensed Milk or honey (adjust sweetness to your taste)


(1) Mix all ingredients

(2) Spoon into a cleaned jar and store in the fridge.

(3) Serve as salad dressing or sandwich spread

Roselle Hibiscus is packed with Vitamin C. It's organic from our factory and farms by Doku Bio-technology and sister's farming company, Doku in Sarawak. We have been busy harvesting all these all pure natural farming with no pesticide , no synthetic fertiliser but using biochar, vermicompost. Stay tuned for new recipes and new products that we will be sharing with you in time.

Roselle Hibiscus Salad Dressing

Roselle Hibiscus salad dressing is perfect on prawns and on your platter of cold meat or on your potato salad, the pink colour is beautiful. Or if you are daring try as follows :-

Flavourful Fried Chicken

If you’re making a batch of fried chicken, marinate the chicken pieces in a mixture of buttermilk and and Roselle Hibiscus salad dressing sauce before coating them in flour, or breadcrumbs. The chicken will not only be juicy, but flavourful too.

Flavourful Stir Fry

Roselle Hibiscus salad dressing is also great to make a quick stir fry with sesame and ginger. This Pink dressing salad dressing great to keep on hand for a simple toss in drizzling into the wok to coat the and add a final flavourful finish.


Roselle, also known as Hibiscus tea has a long tradition of use as a health supporting drink and food ingredient. Roselle is well known and widely used around the planet.

Keep in mind that in the case of My Blue Tea Freeze Dry’s Roselle powder we have ellimated the water which is approximately 85% of the total weight. It is, thereby, naturally concentrated six to seven times. Roselle tea is a mild infusion. You drink the mild infusion and throw the flower (calyse) away. In the case of Roselle powder from My Blue Tea, you are actually drinking the entire calyse. All benefits, nutritional and otherwise are highly concentrated.

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Roselle is great in both cocktails Roselle Gin Fizz and our Lady in Red Roselle tea.


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