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You'll love My Blue Tea

A delicious dash of pink with Roselle Lemongrass Sorbet

Updated: 4 days ago

Just think Barbie Pink but healthy and natural!

Perfect for spring and summer as El Nino is visiting and we have started seeing warning signs from NSW Rural Fire service on the hot spots alert. You can follow NSW Rural Fire service on their FB Page for updates. Be safe, everyone.

New Roselle powder stocks have just arrived! And here's a refreshing sorbet recipe to share with everyone that is healthy, delicious and good for kids with its all natural plant based colour.

Recipe for Roselle Lemongrass Sorbet


*2-3 sour plum

*180g natural yoghurt

*320g cold boiled water

*50g honey

*some lime juice (optional)


(1) Put all ingredients into a blender and blend well. Pour mixture into a stainless steel tray and cover.

(2) Put into the freezer and freeze for 1 hour. Remove, use a fork to break up the ice crystals and return to freezer.

(3) Keep mixing the sorbet for another 3 times till very smooth in texture. Serve and enjoy.

What else is Roselle good for :

(2) Roselle is also in our Lady in Red Hibiscus tea and

(3) for baking Roselle Babka by Lynn in New Zealand.

Our beautiful Lady in Red Hibiscus Tea is great as a summer ice tea with a dash of lime and honey. It has a rich, velvety cranberry flavour, and is full of goodness with its herbal blend of organic ginger, organic rosehip, organic lemongrass and double the hibiscus flavour!


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