Most sought after Torch Ginger Flower Bud (Bunga Kantan) now in 50g pack.

Pretty in Pink, the Torch Ginger Flower Bud (Bunga Kantan) is well known for its floral fragrance and many benefits. It is the most sought after ingredient for Laksa and Asian Herb salads.


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50g Sliced Torch Ginger Flower Bud

SKU: 50g Torch Ginger Slices
  • The Torch Ginger Flower Bud has natural anti-bacterial agents. It has a high content of fibre, saturated fatty acids proteins, amino acids and other mineral compounds found in this plant is necessary for various physiological processes and potentially protect you against various diseases and reduce blood cholesterol levels, hypertension, heart disease risk, and constipation. Not forgetting that it also has high-antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.


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