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1 step - Durian Steamed Cupcakes

Surprisingly it is NOT that sweet with Durian Latte Powder

*What can I cook in 5-10 mins?

*Can I bake with just 5 ingredients in 1 step?

*What is the simplest cake to bake and still "awe" your guests?

Here you go, bake this simple 1 step - Durian Steamed Cupcakes either to "awe or chase" your non-durian lover guests away! Try it........ it's really yummy!

This yields 12 cupcakes and we normally recommend 30grams Durian Latte Powder but adjust to your requirement ie sweetness level and "pungence" of the durian fragrant.


*1 1/2 cups Self Raising Flour *1 cup Water + 3 tsp MyBlueTea Durian Latte Powder *1/2 cup Raw/Castor Sugar *1 sachet Coconut Milk Powder dilute in 65ml water *2tbsp Olive Oil *Pinch of Salt

Method: 1 simple step Mix all and Pour into cups and steam. Once cook. Enjoy!


3 tspn is normally about 15-20 grams of Durian Latte Powder. Karen prefers this as if she added anymore "durian" her Aussie kid and hub may turned "Durian-y" hahaha.......or faint!! And we don't want that to happen

These Super easy (1-step) Durian and Pandan Cupcakes are in popular demand whenever there's a feast or party requested by friends and family of Karen.

Optional Flavours

With the success of Durian Cupcakes you may substitute it with other flavours from our store, like -

(1) Intense Purple Sweet Potato Latte Powder

(2) Jackfruit Latte Powder

(3) Matcha Coconut Latte Powder

(4) Roselle Powder (pure)

(5) Dragonfruit Powder (pure)

You may need to adjust ingredients ie sugar, flavour and colours of just be happy with Pandan & Durian Steamed Cupcakes.

To AWE your guests further, simply add Durian Latte into Coconut Shake = heaven!!

Durian + Coconut Shake = OMG!!!

Durian Coffee cubes latte with ice cream....... this will blow your customers mind away if you're serving them in your Cafe or restaurant.

Note: Durian Latte Powder has milk and sweetness already added to it. You would need to adjust sweetness and milk but it's easy as above recipe.


About Karen Tan-Chatwin, Penang Girl in Melbourne

Karen has migrated to Australia but her love for Malaysian, Singaporean or other cuisines that she grew up with continues to be deeply rooted in her and her family. The food that she grew up eating runs deep in her veins and she continues to enjoy cooking for her family and friends with all the ingredients she is able to get her hands on in Australia. She loves My Blue Tea´s Superfood Powders as they are the closest she can get fresh and it continues to stay fresh in the pantry. Karen is from the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia, and it is famous for being particular with ingredients and food. Karen will be sharing more of her beautiful recipes soon, so watch this space! Meanwhile, whet your appetite with some of Karen´s famous dishes! Do follow Karen on Facebook via Penang Girl in Melbourne


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