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You'll love My Blue Tea

Live Stream by Celebrity Chef, Jackie M

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Using Blue Butterfly Powder (Bunga Telang) to make Nasi Kerabu

We think Jackie M's choice to feature Nasi Kerabu in her 1st Live Stream with Blue Butterfly Powder is extremely cool and respectful to the Malaysian native flower Bunga Telang, scientifically known as Clitoria Ternatea and Butterfly Pea Flower in Australia, and for Nasi Kerabu's history in Malaysia.

Nasi Kerabu is among the traditional foods of the Kelantanese Peranakans - Chinese immigrants who arrived in the 15th century who married local women and spawned a unique, localised way of life and cuisine.

The word “kerabu” is a common Malay reference for Thai-style salads usually eaten raw. With its vivid colours and medley of aromatic herbs, nasi kerabu is Kelantan’s most visually captivating and exciting dish. In recent decades, it has gone from simple "kampung" (village) fare for folk along the east coast and northern states to a resplendent dish enjoyed by urbanites around the country. It is a dish born of the land and sea – you can taste fish and field in every mouthful.

If you did not manage to watch Live Stream yesterday due to time difference or you're just on your way home after work - here's Jackie M - Life Stream on Nasi Kerabu below - Enjoy!

"Replay of tonight's Twitch livestream where I made Nasi Kerabu, a Kelantanese dish that uses Blue Butterfly Flower extract. Congratulations to the 3 winners of tonight's draw and make sure you follow me at AND tune in this Friday at 6pm Sydney time (GMT+10) for the next draw of the Blue Butterfly Flower Powder set courtesy of My Blue Tea"

Catch more shows by Jackie M using Blue Butterfly Powder - on Friday 15 Sept 6.00pm, and Monday Sept 18 at 12.00 noon - all Sydney time.

Update -

Nasi Kerabu is now available in Sydney at Nan Yang Tea Club, District Dining Haymarket.

In Melbourne - Terry's Kitchen -

1248 High Street Road

Wantirna South, Victoria

In Perth - The Sarapan

1 Leonard Street, Victoria Park

Victoria Park, Western Australia

Or follow this video above and try make your own.

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Pro tip :-

Open that 10 gram sachet of Blue Butterfly Powder and shake some powder into the rice, as shown by Jackie M and add water and cook it in the rice cooker.

As a general rule of thumb If you want, add 1 teaspoon of Blue Butterfly Powder into 2-3 cups of rice and cook it in the rice cooker or to your desired colour.

You may also serve Blue Rice for fun & to add extra colour to any cuisine for example Blue Nasi Lemak or Blue Lemang or Sticky Rice.

Like all cooks the most important thing is to explore and have fun with our Blue Butterfly Powder, made 100% natural from Butterfly Pea flowers.


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